Eyewitness: Feeding at the public trough…


…for 5 years

There’s nothing wrong with giving a brother (or sister) a job; but jeez…56 PNC supporters hired by the “Ministry of Communities” collecting ONE BILLION DOLLARS in the last five years? That is not just your ordinary “feather bedding”, this is luxury “down” bedding fit for a princess!! And this is just ONE Ministry…multiply that by 31 and you begin to get an idea of the rape of our treasury that’ll make the Rape of the Sabine Women by the Romans look like a tea party!! Did the “brother” who was the DIRECTOR OF SPORTS – with all the salary and perks of office – really qualify for the grant to get all those barber chairs?? Exactly what were those criteria, your Eyewitness would like to know??

But none of this should surprise us, eh? Remember when Bulkan was asked about the extraordinary number of contracted employees within his $8billion budget back in Dec 2019, and he promised to lay a list of them before the House?? Never happened…he just admitted that 15 of them were over the pensionable age?? But what your Eyewitness finds extraordinary is that in all of the revelations of graft concerning barber chairs and big-salaried lawyers from foreign and domestic, and just plain “siphoning off” from the state coffers, the base of the PNC – most of whom are wallowing in absolute poverty, haven’t been uttering even a squeak of protest!!

Powerful thing, this thing called “ethnic loyalty”, isn’t it?? It sounds suspiciously like the sentiments in Britain that support their Royal Family to the tune of billions, while the masses – who barely scrape by on bangers – line up outside their palaces to get a glimpse of them tooling out in their Rolls Royces!! Didn’t we get a glimpse of the local glimpsing phenomenon during the PNC’s elections heist, when women from the hordes who’d gathered outside State House were ready to throw their bodies under his vehicle?? Talk about groupies!!

So, when some complain about Granger’s “aloofness”, they’re probably missing the point: you don’t see Queen Elizabeth jumping out of her Rollls or 19th Century Carriage and hobnobbing with the great unwashed, do you?? So why should Granger be any different…he’s securing the legacy of Burnham, whose colour was purple, the colour of Royalty!! Look at how none of the masses protested his cavalier dismissal of one of their own ghetto-type, who nonetheless was the chairwoman of the PNC.

“Off with her head!!” And not a dog barked!! Some are wondering “what next?” Just the coronation of Lil Joe by Granger.

After all, that’s the prerogative of royalty, isn’t it?

…but where’s the elections petition?

After putting Guyana through hell, the PNC better get that elections petition filed by August 30!! Hadn’t they assured all and sundry that they’d painstakingly collected and collated all the evidence of the PPP’s perfidy in the 2349 polling stations to steal the elections?? So, what’s keeping them?? Hope it’s not that they don’t have money to pay their high-priced lawyers. After all, these worthies were willing to work for those plaintiffs who didn’t have two pennies to rub together, but just wanted truth, justice and the Guyanese way to triumph – along with the PNC, of course!!

Your Eyewitness can’t wait for the courts to wade into the “anomalies” that Harmon had written “11 letters to GECOM about, DEMANDING answers from Claudette Singh!! Just like the PNC’s SOPs, the contents of these letters have never been revealed to the public. Clearly a man who could submit a claim to the US Lobbyists that Granger was a US citizen isn’t someone who’d make up “anomalies” about elections shenanigans, would he??

Just file it!!

…and switching

Sarabo-Halley’s in the news again…not about her “switching” from the WPA to the PNC – that’s a distinction looking for a difference!!

Nah. This time it’s about the criteria for awarding scholarships to only “one demographic”!