…by Prezzie

Prezzie’s unilateral choice of Justice Patterson as GECOM Chair business isn’t only working like a Rorschach Test to uncover the mindset of Guyanese society as a whole, it’s also producing epiphanies for the political players. Take Prezzie’s pronouncement on Jagdeo’s third list: “I realised at that stage that after the submission of three lists that there was an intention on the part of the Leader of the Opposition to submit a list that is not going to be acceptable.”

Really?? If this isn’t an epiphany rivalling the one dropped like a boom on Saul on his way to Damascus, what is? The question is “What exactly was the “booming voice” producing Prezzie’s revelation? After all, that third list had been submitted a full 51 days before and Prezzie hadn’t displayed any wrestling with demons in his conscience.

The Court had already cleared up Prezzie’s misconceptions on the guiding Article 161 (2) about only Judges and those qualified to be Judges needing apply for the position. And in any case, the AG now had a battery (a bench?) of five eminent ex-Justices – including one James Patterson – to advise him to advise Prezzie on any remaining cobwebs.

In fact, Prezzie was so clear on the way forward, he’d even suggested a Joint Committee be put together by him and Jagdeo to cut the Gordian Knot if he couldn’t make up his mind on the third list. This implied the matter was more of a technical application of the criteria that he’d crafted and given to Jagdeo. That the criteria were very specific – like the applicant/nominee must have “wide experience” in electoral matters and so on.

Your Eyewitness believes Prezzie’s epiphany was connected with Diwali – since it was on Diwali night he made his “about turn” – as they say in the army. The problem was, Prezzie had once again not been properly advised – this time by his Minister of Public Security. Unlike what most devotees of the Goddess in Guyana had done, Prezzie lit his light the night before, while darkness was still growing!!  And, as is now very clear, the message in his epiphany became all murky and he reversed himself on every point he had made on the GECOM affair.

Rather than keeping his word to Jagdeo and waiting “as long as it takes” to select a suitable candidate, Prezzie then suddenly picked someone, whose CV he hadn’t even seen but hours before, someone who didn’t have ANY experience on electoral matters, someone who’d been advising the AG on the job for which he was hired etc…etc…

Your Eyewitness hopes Prezzie will now appoint five eminent astrologers/astronomers to advise Minister Ramjattan on the Diwali date henceforth!!

…by PM

But it wasn’t only Prezzie who had a muddied epiphany because of the Diwali snafu. Seems his Prime Minister had also suffered from the syndrome when he weighed in on the derailed teachers wage negotiations (And while he may be a POLITICAL lightweight, our PM certainly isn’t avoirdupoisally challenged!!).

Asked about the Minister of Education giving short shrift to teachers’ wage requests, the PM – who boasts about once being a teacher – intoned, “They are the ones who I believe deserve our commendation of a thank you from the bottom of our hearts. They have done well in these difficult times.” Done well?!! A “thank you”??!!

What’s this man talking about? As the Americans would say about “thank you’s” when they’d asked for something concrete, “That and a dollar would get me a coffee!” Meaning, the “thank you” ain’t worth squat when you need money to buy something.

Is the PM proud to remember how low teachers have been brought from when they were pillars of the community?

…on GEA

SOCU’s been investigating the GEA and asked for some documents. Told they can come over to look since they were too voluminous, SOCU swoops down with a highly-publicised search warrant!!

Was this misdirection for its GMC’s case been thrown out?


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