EYEWITNESS: Empty vessels…


…in Government

They do say empty vessels make the most sound. And from the strident cacophony being made by this government about their “accomplishments”, there’s no question this government’s “vessel” is one big field of emptiness. A veritable mega vacuum, if you will. Hollow not only at its centre but through and through. It started, of course, with the Orwellian-sounding Director of Public information – who conjures up the image of the fella waving a wand and “directing” the flow of purple propaganda into our hapless ears.

What else would you call the unadulterated nonsense of listing 125 “accomplishments” of the Government. Did the PM’s shill really want to remind their Public Service supporters about their microscopic “freck” – compared to the Cabinet’s 50 per cent raise – and dubbing it an accomplishment to boot?? Or that they held Local Government Elections – but have refused to appoint the Local Government Commission – which was the whole point to take the Central Government out of the hands of the Central Government.

But anyway, it looks like the other Ministers have decided if the Shill could get away with that claptrap and have it printed in three dailies at the cost of millions, why shouldn’t they burnish their own claim to fame at taxpayers’ expense?? So yesterday, we have the Minister of Social Protection – one Amna Ally – taking out a full-page ad in the Chronic – describing an astonishing 25 “accomplishments” in the merry month of May alone.

Imagine the Shill could only come up with 125 “accomplishments” over the last TWO years for the ENTIRE Govt, including Social Protection – and  yet Amna Ally came up with 25 in a SINGLE month!! Did the Shill hide Amna’s light under a bushel?

Or did Amna Ally scape even below the barrel’s bottom? Does her attendance at the Ministry of Social Cohesion’s Social Cohesion Day event on May 11 at the National Cultural Centre really count as an “accomplishment”?? Or is Ally challenged in some way that merely showing up at an event becomes an “accomplishment?? If that is so then so be it – but it’s a PERSONAL accomplishment and not of her Ministry! Is giving hampers on Mother’s Day to mothers employed at her Ministry really an accomplishment”?? Jeez!!

But the urge to blow one’s trumpet extended even below the ministerial level. Hot on Ally’s heels, came EMPLOYEES of the GWI who took out a full-page ad in the Muckraker to praise, “Dr Van West Charles – an exemplary leader”.

Crediting him personally for every ‘accomplishment’ of GWI made it clear his old sobriquet of “Baby Jesus” still described him!!

…on military government

How many officers of the Disciplined Forces occupying high offices in the Government make it a “military government”?? What’s the tipping point? When does the quantitative change the qualitative? These are not just academic questions. When Roger Luncheon raised alarm bells – along with your humble Eyewitness – about the number of military types in the campaign, the fears were dismissed as “paranoia”.

But now that every vacancy created – subsequent to the condign firings in governmental and semi-governmental offices – is filled with an epauletted figure, eyebrows are being raised even among diehard supporters. Is a former head of the Army the very best person to become the Deputy CEO of the GPHC? Once you can run a platoon or a battalion – the man was a General – you can run any organisation?

Your Eyewitness will repeat his point about these officers once again. No one questions whether they are highly trained. But for what??
In the civilian world, folks aren’t used to responding, “How high, SIR?” when ordered to “JUMP!!”

…and lawyers

One lawyer’s upset his cohorts aren’t being more “principled” on matters facing both the bar and the rest of society.

Doesn’t he know the principle that lawyers – like donkey-cart wheels – must be well-greased?



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