EYEWITNESS: Embracing…



Discussing a rape at York University in Toronto, a Policeman blurted out: “I’ve been told I’m not supposed to say this – however, women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised.” That remark launched hundreds of protests across the globe as women came out in the scantiest clothing possible in what they labelled “slutwalks”. The point, of course, is they were embracing the supposed opprobrium and declaring they’ll darn well dress like “sluts” if they want!!

One local Policeman also made some similar remarks a while back but sadly, our local feministas didn’t organise slutwalks here. But there’s still hope for local activism showing we’ve not completely apathetic. Right after Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo accused the PNC-led APNU/AFC coalition of being “the most corrupt Government in the English-speaking Caribbean”, Clive Thomas – head of the State Assets Recovery Agency (and NOT the Chairman of GuySuCo anymore!!) decided he was going to embrace the scorn and launch a “Corruption Walk”!!

Way to go Thomas!!!! Who said the man who’d launched the radical Black Power group “Ratoon” back in the day against Forbes Burnham had lost his (activist) mojo??! Then, he’d started out in Tiger Bay, to symbolise Burnham’s neglect of the poor and powerless black youths. This time, we know he’s going to hone-in like a guided missile on all the “corruption havens” that are now abound in Georgetown. But just to make sure, your Eyewitness would like to make some suggestions as a public spirited (anti-corruption) citizen.

Thomas can do worse than start right opposite the now-PNC-green OP building where his SARA HQ’s located – and protest the corruption amounting to over a billion dollars that it took to construct that Stadium at D’Urban Park. He can have placards, for instancing, protesting the private company – which included the Education Minister (and his WPA co-leader Rupert Roopnaraine) – collecting hundreds of millions in donations even before they were registered. And then not providing any accounting to date!!

He and his “corruption squad” could then shuffle down Brickdam to the Health Ministry with another placard asking “Still shortages: Wha’ happen to we $605 million in pharma??” Then segue over to the Sussex Street bottom house “warehouse” that one fall guy had to “beg pardon” over…but the money’s still flowing into Larry’s bankbook!! $560 million and counting!! And since he’ll be marching around the just flooded Georgetown, another placard can demand, “Wha’ happen to de $500 million clean up money?”

Anyhow your Eyewitness is happy after spending years developing his “criminalised state” hypothesis and having all the audits go nowhere (A common law writ? C’mon!!), Thomas is still going after corrupt officials.
It takes one to know one!!

…past sins

Your Eyewitness is happy British PM May confessed how sorry her country is for deporting children of legal WI immigrants who’d helped rebuild Britain after the German Blitz. Never mind she’d just mamaguyed the visiting Commonwealth HoG’s…confession’s good for the soul! She even extended the apology to include the buggery laws they foisted on us during colonialism. Your Eyewitness always wondered why’d they insisted on those laws when the practice was rampant in their (upper class) boarding schools and (lower class) navy. Of the latter, Churchill boasted its traditions were “rum, sodomy and the lash”!!

Anyhow, while May’s in this confessional mood, the West Indian PMs (and President Granger) should take up your Eyewitness’ suggestion made last month to bring up the issue of Reparations at CHOGM. Even before her present contrition, he’d predicted Britain would need the Commonwealth more than we need it.

From our perspective, Reparations should include slavery, the genocide committed on the Indigenous Peoples and the exploitation of the Indentured Portuguese, Indians and Chinese.
This should generate some unity here!!

…Islamic Banking

After some confusion – which is par for this Government – Jordan says they’ll most likely propose projects that’ll utilise the full US$900 million from the IsDB.
So have they formed the Sharia Council to ensure the projects are transparent?


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