EYEWITNESS: ‘Electile’ Dysfunction… and the PNC


At a certain level, you gotta sympathise with the PNC. After all, they’ve chosen to become involved in politics in a democratic system – where, more than in any other area of human endeavour, size matters. But they’ve never been able to get their numbers up and over that 50% mark necessary to say “you good”! Burnham tried to get it up as the PPP-B and failed to Cheddi’s PPP-J. He then tried with the PNC he formed with some League of Coloured People types and still couldn’t get it up. Your Eyewitness thinks this failure ought to be given a name…since it continues to haunt them into the present – and in frustration, they take out their embarrassment on the Guyanese body politic by inflicting mayhem and destruction. Your Eyewitness calls it “ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION”!!

That’s right…while we all aren’t involved in politics to experience the persistent “agony of defeat” that’s been inflicted to make them fake it for twenty-eight years!! But we know persons around us who couldn’t “get it up” don’t we? So maybe we can empathise and offer the PNC some advice? The first thing we gotta let them know is that no one was fooled during those 28 years – even their supporters knew it was fake. They just had to lie (there?) and gushingly tell the PNC “You de man!!” After all, if you told them what a disappointment and failure they were, you could literally be blown up to smithereens!!

And in the present, they should remind Granger that he was able to perform successfully in 2015 because – like Burnham in 1964 – he got help. It was D’Aguiar in ‘64 and Nagamootoo and Ramjattan in 2015. Granger was even less proficient than Burnham, and needed twice the help! He and whoever succeeds him as leader of the PNC should be told about the endemic conditions that led to their systemic electile dysfunction are no more.

They don’t have to fake it to impose themselves on the Guyanese body politic any longer!
The makeup of the said body politic is now such that if the PNC would just take some time to quit being “big and bad” and woo them with good programmes and hard work, they could finally overcome their 60-year-old electile dysfunction and do it on their own! But as with these dysfunctions, the problem is mostly in their heads – it’s more psychological than anything. They just don’t believe they can do it, and, of course, end up failing.

It’s in Guyana’s interest that the PNC becomes functional in our political system. The PPP’s gonna be kept on their toes as they compete in wooing body politic!

…and its consequences

You know what they say about these psychological pathologies – they’re passed on to future generations. Abused children becoming abusive parents and all that. Well, rigging elections has evidently been so inculcated in the PNC base over the 28 years between 1964 and 1992 that it’s now “normalised”. They didn’t see it as a contradiction to EVERYTHING democracy stood for. I mean if democracy is “Government BY the people”, how’d you square that with ignoring the real votes of the populace to justify erectile dysfunction??!

But here we are in 2021 and the children and grandchildren of the Burnhamite generate are actually upset with Granger for going along with an INTERNATIONALLY CERTIFIED RECOUNT of the votes that were tampered with by Mingo!! Seems he should’ve pulled a Burnham and accepted the rigging on the latter’s mantra: “Back to Back; Belly to Belly: Ah doan give a damn, Ah done dead a’ready!!”

It’s a shame all these folks are selling themselves short…very short.

Because of the PNC’s inadequacies.

…and payback

Even though some have forgotten, at the end of the Vietnam war in 1979, there were negotiations to settle some Hmongs from Thailand, who’d fought alongside the Americans and were seen as “traitors”.

Did any arrive?