…Nagga’s keep

Nagamootoo’s sure been singing a lot recently in his Chronic column…but then his “supper”, starting with his super salary, SUV’s with outriders, foreign travel etc, demands commensurate singing!! But in his latest, claiming the PPP has “has resorted to old political tricks and terror tactics” in Berbice during the ongoing LGE campaign, he’s oblivious that he’s revealing what an old fake he is.

He had the gall to write, “Sita (his wife, also called “Mary”) and I received in the prime minister’s YARD several persons from our home villages, who confided that they have been threatened by PPP hacks.” Isn’t he ashamed he didn’t take his village folks INTO his house?? Or was he worried they’d freeze in the air conditioning he insisted be installed before he moved into the PM’s residence? Or these “fishing folks” might’ve dragged mud into his living room? But he’d know – and didn’t give a damn – how insulting it is for village folks not be invited into one’s house when visiting!

Nagamootoo illustrated his claimed PPP’s “old political tricks and terror tactics” –  “Party supporters were told not to attend the jhandis of “PNC pundits” (who were dubbed “bandits”); not to attend their weddings, birthdays, nine-days; not even their funerals.” But where was Moses Nagamootoo – who insists he joined the party in 1964 – when all of this was going on? Can he deny he rose in the party because he was one of the most vicious against those suspected of being “PNC”??

He went on to hypocritically bemoan, “It seemed that we are back to the old days when it was par for the political course to “oppose, expose and depose.” Surely, he hasn’t forgotten this phrase was initially used by Raphael Trotman when he was in the PNC, to describe what ought to be the PNC’s strategy against the PPP?? This strategy later burst into action as “mo’ fyaah; slow fyaah” with such deadly and horrendous consequences. Yet Nagamootoo teamed up with Trotman, leader of the AFC to eventually “depose” the PPP. And bring the country into the morass it now finds itself.

Nagamootoo’s written a book of fiction and it’s clear he can’t stop fictionalising his life!! He used to carry on that Jagan promised him on a campaign stage in the Rupununi, to lead the PPP after his death! Trouble was…no one else heard this!! Now he’s come up with another whopper to explain why Jagan made him Local Government Minister in 1995: “during a brief conversation at the National Park on May Day, that I should just follow what my father had done for his people”!!

The man’s lying on both his “Pa’s”!!!

…a liar’s reputation

Nagamootoo doesn’t seem to realise in the age of Google, how easy it is to prove what a liar he is when he sings so oleaginously to the PNC for his supper. While he excoriated the PPP of Jagan as practicing terror against who weren’t with the PPP, back in 2006 he’d boasted, “In Cheddi Jagan’s house, (the PPP) there is and must always be room for all races, all ethnicities, all cultures, all beliefs. In Cheddi Jagan’s house, there is room for all shades of opinions, different views and critical analysis”!! So when was he lying, then or now??

In every utterance Nagamootoo makes in his columns he attacks Jagdeo as the epitome of evil, yet in that same 2006 speech he vouchsafed, “I have watched Bharrat Jagdeo with unbiased eyes.

I see in him a good person, who loves his country dearly, who portrays love of all races, love of children and our youth, and concern for the elderly. Moreover, I see in him as a leader with an agenda to push development.”

What changed, Nagamootoo?

…the President’s ire or approval?

A few months back President Granger excoriated some PNC supporters for liming and hanging out at “Guinness Bars”.

What say he now that the SPU built a bar at the LBI Guysuco Staff Club to hang out??


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