EYEWITNESS: Diversification…


…in agriculture

Once again, your Eyewitness isn’t quite sure why so many persons have their drawers in a knot over the “policies” of the Government. They’ve got to get it into their heads that — as he’s been stressing — this is a PNC-LED GOVERNMENT! And the PNC knows only one way to lead: follow the path of Comrade Leader Burnham; and that by dictat! It’s always that way or the highway; as the AFC found out early on, and the WPA are slowly getting it.

Take the “policy” of “Diversification” that’s become their mantra in agriculture, especially as their cure-all for the beleaguered sugar industry: This is the same policy enunciated by Burnham back in the seventies. For instance, we’re now hearing about “tilapia” as the miracle fish that’ll provide the world with scarce protein. No problem about finding markets — the world will be beating a track to our doors! But didn’t Burnham introduce tilapia back then?

He certainly did!! He even brought a species from Africa — Mozambique, if your Eyewitness’s memory serves him right. Shouldn’t the Government at least find out why the experiment under the PNC’s first regime failed? Doesn’t it make sense to avoid the mistakes that even their great, omniscient Comrade Leader made? But that’s the problem, isn’t it? Omniscient Comrade Leaders couldn’t possibly make mistakes, could they?

It had to be the ineptitude of those who failed to execute his brilliantly conceived policies! This time, the Government will get tilapia right! And the same for black eye peas, cotton, cassava, potatoes, etc. etc. We won’t even mention the Diversification programme in agriculture by the PPP- 5Ps?? Peppers, pumpkin and what else? Never mind these were supposed to be “high value” compared to commodities like rice and sugar; that markets were also identified, farmers were trained, processing facilities were constructed next to the producers etc. — all with so much hoopla.

That diversification by definition — if the PNC is to be believed — had to have failed due to “PPP corruption”! So why look into it? As to the IDB, which designed and oversaw the programme, they also had to be in on the “corruption”. But it does look like the present PNC is following one of the Comrade Leader’s moves even before his diversification drive. Rather than “high value”, this lot, led by that genius in agriculture, Holder, is diversifying into rice at Wales!!

Never mind that the rice market is depressed and farmers are reducing their acreage cultivated in the coming crop. What do they know?

The Comrade Leader knew best! Didn’t he also ruin the economy?

…of criminal charges

Well, the PPP seemed to have discovered, at last, that two can play the “stain game”. As we know, the PNC-led gov’t has been filing criminal charges right, left and centre against members of the PPP Administration. While some say – at the very best – there might be fire where there’s smoke – it does appear the Government’s putting together these cases with smoke and mirrors!

Let’s get real! Nandlall might’ve been gauche to have the Government pay for his law books’ subscription, but a criminal charge for theft? Pleeese!! And why does the Government insist on including the massive cost of relocating the Transmission Tower from “Pradoville II. The Ogle Airport folks — no friends of the PPP — have verified the relocation was occasioned because of the expansion of the airport.

Anyhow, the PPP will now be filing criminal charges against PNC MPs: for not filing their assets with the Integrity Commission since 2001!

Maybe they should also forget Jagan’s magnanimity and go back to all the PNC’s criminality before 1992??

…of labour pool

Prezzie says he’s not “militarising” the Government. The eighty-five military officers hired by his regime in top governmental positions are just like the five the PPP had hired.

When does the quantitative change the qualitative?


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