EYEWITNESS: Desperation…


…in AFC Camp

The desperation in the AFC camp over being thrown on their own by the PNC in the upcoming LGE is developing into a tsunami of panic that’s making them really look foolish.

Take the fellow who permanently has that look of a deer in headlights, Nagamootoo’s DPI, and his vicious take on Jagdeo’s call to “take back Guyana” at a LGE meeting at Kitty.

Now in politics, what’s the goal of elections campaigning?? Isn’t it to win those elections? And – as the PNC backed by the AFC had done to the PPP – if perchance your opponent had removed you from office, to “take back” that office? What’s sinister about that? It doesn’t even connote the not so veiled threat some time ago by Raphael Trotman – now leader of the AFC but them with the PNC – to “oppose, expose and depose” the PPP!

But this state – not Government! – official – who’s supposed to be working for ALL citizens to purvey information for the national good – took it upon himself to interpret Jagdeo’s call in a most incendiary way by invoking the bogeyman of “race politics”. The bottom line is, he claimed Jagdeo wants to “take back” the country for his race group – Indian Guyanese!! Now, what kind of sick mind would want to make such a claim at a time like this?

A mind scared witless of being exposed as “dead meat” after the LGE, that’s what!! The PNC has made it clear the AFC isn’t going to be allowed to continue riding the gravy train much longer since whatever support they’d claimed to have brought over in 2015, has looong evaporated. Sinecures like the DPI will be yesterday’s news. So what to do?? The AFC bunch controlled by Nagamootoo, who were placed in charge of information and the media, have clearly decided they’ll prove their “worth” by becoming the attack dogs for the PNC. Every day it’s vitriol against the PPP by the leading wankers!!

But what the DPI didn’t realise was the same accusations he’s hurled at the PPP could be turned against the PNC, since the PNC accepted it was an “African” party when it coalesced with the AFC to bring in some “Indian” votes. So when President Granger talked of winning the 2015 elections, he was actually talking of winning it for his race group? Well his actions since he became President certainly confirm that thesis, doesn’t it? Starting with giving Nagamootoo “larwah” rather than a beefed-up Prime Ministership! And making Khemraj Ramjattan into a (security) rubber stamp.

C’mon AFC, there’s another way. You still have those Ministries and you can really do some damage!

Grow a pair and stand up to the PNC!!

…in the prisons

If it’s another year, it’s another prison fiasco!! Three years of PNC/AFC Government and three prison fiascos – and counting!! A riot leaving 18 dead; a fire that burnt down the Camp Street Prison, and now an escape and shootings of prisoners at Lusignan. Let’s not even mention the almost daily interceptions of contraband at all prisons.

So who’s in charge, here? The inmates? Well it’s certainly NOT Ramjattan, supposedly the Public Security Minister!! From the time of the original mass killings of prisoners, it was he who’d visited Camp Street and bemoaned the abysmal conditions under which prisoners were incarcerated. So what has he done to ensure that Lusignan, to which most of the prisoners were transferred, was even minimally better??

After all, why would he expect a different outcome at Lusignan if nothing was changed? Point of the matter, is Ramjattan is being set up for an early exit – as discussed above! His usefulness is gone and he’ll be thrown away liked a sucked orange!
Grow a pair and stand up, na bai?

…in the AG’s office

If it’s another Government case involving AG Basil Williams, then it’s got to be another loss!! The court just ruled it has jurisdiction over the unilateral gerrymandering of LAAs by the PNC!
Grow a pair and quit, na?


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