EYEWITNESS: Desperately seeking…



Your Eyewitness can understand (not accept but “understand”) the PNC’s refusal to show their SoPs. It’s like you’re playing cards while cheating the whole time – then finally insisting you’ve won the game even as your opponents are screaming “Thief! Thief!” You’re not gonna be showing your hand that would expose your swindle, would you? Thought not! You’d want to take that to your grave.

But now that the GECOM Secretariat’s rigging trio of Lowenfield, Myers and Mingo are before the courts, how can the prosecution prove that they “cocked” the tabulation of the Reg 4 SoPs? So that at long last the suffering Guyanese electorate can get justice? It’s no use asking the PPP for their copies since the Rigging Trio – backed strenuously and stentorianly by the PNC – would immediately object to them as tainted since the PPP has skin in the game.

You ask, Dear Readers, about the SoP copies that were nailed on the doors of the polling stations – after the voting and counting – like Luther’s Theses on that church at Wittenberg? Too late…those are all gone by now and blowin’ in the wind. So what’s left? Well, the law demands that a copy of all the SoPs be sent to GECOM – the official arbiter of our elections – so why not ask them? Aren’t they explicitly and constitutionally mandated to do the right thing for the sake of State and nation? Aren’t they funded to the tune of billions annually to take care of this business?

Problem is, the SoPs actually went to the CEO of the GECOM SECRETARIAT — the same fella Lowenfield who’s on trial along with his DEPUTY Meyers and his Reg 4 Returning Officer Mingo!! Talking about putting the cat to guard the milk!! And very creamy milk at that – rich enough to determine who’d hold power for the next five years. Excepting that the Sanctimonious Gangster outsmarted himself when he called for a recount to bypass the Mingoed SoP scandal.

And we arrive at the DPP and the CoP – in charge of prosecuting in our law and order system – demanding that the GECOM SoPs be produced for them to make their case that the figures on them were cocked by the Rigging Trio. Lucky for them, the then Opposition lawyers –- arguing to the Court for the recount figures be used – had the foresight to ask that the GECOM SoPs be sequestered with the Registrar of the High Court. She, however, balked. claiming she needed specific instructions from the court. And so we finally get to where the matter now lies –- the DPP and CoP going to the Chief Justice for that order!

Who woulda thought all of this would be needed to obtain public documents?

Electoral reform anyone?

…a COVID-19 strategy

That ever younger persons are now contracting COVID-19 is obvious from the numbers coming in. That more persons overall are contracting the disease and dying is also obvious from those daily numbers. But what your Eyewitness has been going on for months now is that all of this was predictable –- both from the intrinsic nature of viruses (that they’ll mutate and produce variants) and also from the evidence gleaned from other jurisdictions.

Well, the authorities have finally come aboard, but your Eyewitness still thinks not with enough nuance. First of all, it’s true that the vaccines we have are better than no vaccine at all – no matter what the variant. So, everyone should belly up to the bar and get their shot. But we do know that some vaccines are less effective against some variants.

For example AstraZeneca’s is effective against the Brazilian variant, but not the one from South Africa, which sent back their one million doses.

We still need to know what variants we have.

…to hide “power-from-gas”

It was revealed that the PNC solicited and received from Japan, an extensive 100-page study of options for converting the excess gas from our oil fields into electricity.

But never released. What were they hiding??