EYEWITNESS: Bitter bile…


…against business acumen

It’s no secret the Muckraker’s owner, Mook Lall, is behind the sleazy attacks on a number of persons who bought land for development purposes at Providence. There was nothing secret about the massive development of the former cane fields by the PPP government following the successful construction of the Cricket Stadium there in 2007 for World Cup cricket. Anyone with business acumen would know the area would become prime real estate!

There was a planned, multi-use, Government-sponsored development across the board, ranging from subsidised lots for the ordinary folks, turnkey homes for the same demographic; lots for young professionals and, yes, private developers to deal with the upscale market.

The Government plugged the development, and land was available to all!! Guyana was developing a real estate market – common in the developed economies – after the destruction wrought by the PNC under Burnham between 1964 and 1992.

What seemed to’ve gotten the Muckraker owner’s bucka in a knot is that some individuals bought some of the land identified for development and turned around and sold it at a profit. This transaction is so common it’s called “flipping”.

Now, exactly what’s wrong with this? In which contract was there restrictive covenants” stipulating the specific purchasers had to build the houses in the development? But none of this matters to Mook Lall, does it?

As always, when it comes to money, it’s about the man’s petty, vindictive jealousy towards a few persons whom he can’t stand, just because they stand head and shoulders over him in every which way.

The first person he went after on the Providence land sale was his cousin, Brian Tiwari, who sold the 100 acres he bought to the Chinese company Bai Shan Lin. That Tiwari quadrupled his US$2 million investment must’ve really stuck in the Mook’s craw! How many newspapers will he have to hawk to match that??!!

Now he’s gone after the manager of a private company who also had the business acumen to “flip” the land he bought for a profit. But it’s clear this manager was picked on because he manages a company owned by Bobby Ramroop – just giving the Mook the opportunity (if he ever needed one!) of gratuitously plastering Ramroop’s name and picture on his front page. How low can this fella filled with bile get?

Does he realise how the rich get richer? They don’t put their money in savings accounts; they INVEST in areas where they can make a big return. Did he hear about the executive from Banks who imported Cadbury into Guyana?
It takes guts – not bile – because of the risks. But the Mook lacks guts: bile’s in the liver!!

…against Cuba?

It might just be because it’s kinda early in the day (midday, Saturday) that your Eyewitness is writing this. But he’s perturbed at the paucity of reports on what happened to Cuba after Irma. After all, she slammed into the island with the full force of a category 5 hurricane – blasting winds and rains at 155mph.

If Barbuda was flattened and inundated beyond description, surely Cuba couldn’t be spared. But where are the reports?
All your Eyewitness can read about and see on TV are reports on what FLORIDA can expect. Now, don’t get your Eyewitness wrong, he cares about Floridians; he really does, since he has numerous relatives and friends living there.

But he cares about humanity – and Cubans are humans, aren’t they? And even if you’re cold-blooded, look how much they’ve done for us over the years – just in the training of doctors!

Your Eyewitness sincerely hopes the anti-Cuban sentiment fostered by a succession of US Governments since 1960 hasn’t filled their media with bile.

…in pharma

Surely Minister Lawrence doesn’t mean what was reported: she’ll do it all over again if she had to oversee GHPC awarding another $632 million contract to ANSA.
Without any open tender and bids?


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