EYEWITNESS: Big PNC looting… and big cars


Opposition Leader Joe Harmon (Lil Joe) has a problem with the $95M the new PPP Government plans to spend on new vehicles for “top officials”.

Now, your Eyewitness remembers that when the APNU/AFC coalition squeaked into office, every man jack in the top tier of Ministers – not to mention President Granger and PM Nagamootoo – got themselves new wheels. In the news, of course, was the latter with his $22 million specially-fitted new Land Cruiser, which he explained was “necessary” because he “had to visit his constituents in Berbice”!

Your Eyewitness is willing to bet dollars to donuts that if all the vehicle purchases of that band of profligates are totalled, it’ll amount to more than a billion dollars!
Now, one doesn’t expect that Ministers of the Government would move around in donkey carts…even though Nagamootoo was fond of saying that the PPP was “driving Cadillacs in a donkey cart economy”!! But the PNC lot should be the last persons on earth to point fingers at anybody else on profligacy!! With all the sordid details coming out daily – like a tap connected to the sewer – they look like the perfect example of “never-see come fuh see”!

But there might’ve been a method to their seeming madness. They spent so heavily on themselves – cars, houses, clothes, first-class trips to foreign locales, posh offices – that most folks didn’t realise how much they were siphoning off to ensure their “inter-generational wealth” transfer. Can you imagine that SARA – set up to RECOVER state assets – actually spent $600 million in three years, and didn’t recover squat?? That the director – the Marxist theoretician Clive Thomas, who wrote volumes on the “exploitative” bourgeoisie – tooled home with $120 million in that time gives you a hint of what went down!! Even related agencies, like the GECOM of James Patterson, got into the act. Remember the FIVE SUVs they bought just before the Local Government Elections? Their ostentatious lifestyles were just a misdirection ploy for the grand looting of the state!!

Then there’s the handing out of land for the boys and girls – from triple lots in Eccles to acres at Millie’s Hideout in Wismar. Imagine, they upped the bypass road from EC to EB by US$158 million – that’s $3.6 billion!! – just to encircle new lands that were doled out to insiders!! They must’ve had a heart attack when the PPP went back to the original plan!! Wonder what they’ll be doing with all those swamp lands!!

No wonder they went to such lengths (depths?) to steal the elections!! Not only will their looting be revealed, they’ll have to cough up their booty.
Payback’s such a bitch!!

…and fried rice

The swell-headed syndrome challenging the newbies was exemplified by Simona Broomes and her late-night tryst with that shrimp fried rice serving at the Providence New Thriving!

Good things come to those who wait!!