EYEWITNESS: Barking up…


…the wrong (money) tree

There’s a very wise saying attributed to Sherlock Holmes by his creator Conan-Doyle: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” This is solid advise in almost every aspect of life – especially when you’re trying to figure out what’s going on. If, for instance, your girlfriend says she’s pregnant – but you know you haven’t touched her in a year – once you’ve eliminated the possibility of immaculate conception, then no matter how sweet she looks, you’ve gotta  conclude she’s been messing around!!

And this brings us to the British sleuth Sam Sittlington, who’s been loaned to us by Her Majesty’s Government to advise the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) to go after…well…organised crime! He and his High Commissioner read the riot act to a slew of investigators and prosecutors about them pussyfooting on prosecutions and just pointing their fingers at each other. From the tenor of the remarks from the usually understated Brits, it appeared it wasn’t just the accusatory index finder but also the scatological middle one being pointed!!

But this isn’t new, is it? We’ve been going around this particular black-sage bush for years without getting any closer to putting away “organised” criminals. Even the Junior Finance Minister had to blow his top a while back about the lack of convictions. After convincing their supporters that the PPP had “siphoned off billions and billions”, the entire PNC-led Government was getting quite livid about the matter. And this brings us to the point we know the Government just doesn’t want to accept: that they were just blowing smoke up their supporters posteriors to get them all riled up!!

But crack crime sleuth Sam Sittlington shouldn’t be worrying about saving the Government’s blushes, should he?? After all, as he reminded his audience, laundered money can fund terrorism and drug trafficking. He threw in purloined State assets for good measure because – we can only suspect – he suspects the PPP fellas he been valiantly trying to corral for three years have somehow parlayed their lands at Pradoville II into drug smuggling and money laundering!!

But if there were no convictions after all the Sturm und Drang of training and hectoring, shouldn’t the Brits accept it’s impossible because the accusations just ain’t true?? And then move on to accept – even though improbable by the Government’s proclamations – that the PPP didn’t steal anything as the truth?? But we know this ain’t gonna happen, don’t we?
Why? Well that Sam Sittlington isn’t siccing SOCU onto all the Government functionaries’’ massive siphoning of state FUNDS into their pockets is a clue!!

The whole operation is just to discredit the PPP!!

…the (trust) tree

Surprise! Surprise!! The IDB ran a survey about “trust” folks in the hemisphere have in their politicians. And guess what? Guyana came in dead last!! That is, out of the 29 or so countries polled, we trust our politicians the least!! Now we know even under the best of times, politicians are seen as not much better than used car salesmen!! But imagine Americans trust Trump almost THREE times more than Guyanese do President Granger and his band of political charlatans?!?

Now some of you dear readers might say “what about the PPP?” But that point is moot, isn’t it? They’re not in charge of even the doghouse…so what’s to trust?? It’s the PNC that has hijacked the State and stacked it with geriatric ex-GDF squaddies and their friends that has betrayed the trust of the people. Ask the 10,000 teachers about politicians…no trust!!

17,000 sugar workers…no trust!! 15,000 public servants …no trust! 60,000 PNC youths… no trust!! 18,000 Amerindians – no trust!!

So what’s left?? The geriatrics in Government!!

…the wrong (trust) tree

Today, the GTU says they’ll be announcing their decision on the Arbitration Chairman the Government has foisted on them. Your Eyewitness has some advice for them:
“Fool me once; shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!!”


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