EYEWITNESS: Backhanded…compliment


Well, who told Irfaan Ali – who just happens to be the President of Guyana – to call for “unity and reconciliation” for all of us folks in Guyana? If you were to listen to some comments in the press, you’d think he was suggesting that we continue the madness and mayhem that took place in West Berbice!

Your Eyewitness saw one report in which Aubrey Norton – who used to be an advisor to Granger, but was blanked for Parliament – insisted the President couldn’t possibly be “genuine” in his statement!!

And how does he KNOW this, to speak so conclusively?? Well, Ali’s “going after people who’ve committed no crime.” He’s speaking, of course, about those worthies in GECOM, along with Volda Lawrence, who’ve been charged with “conspiracy to commit fraud” after the numbers on those Reg 4 SOPs miraculously morphed by themselves so as to make the PNC gain tens of thousands of votes!!

Now, it’s the Police that’s bringing the charges, and there will, of course, be court hearings run by the Judiciary; but, of course, they’re all controlled by Irfaan Ali, who isn’t showing good faith in calling for unity!! Maybe he should violate the separation of powers doctrine and INSTRUCT the Police and the courts to drop all charges. Like Burnham used to do!!?

Another person who came out of the woodwork to wash his mouth over President Ali is Eusi Kwayana, who had informed the nation that he was in “self-exile” in the US. He tends nowadays not to mention that he was sent into “exile” by the gunmen who’d launched violent attacks on the Police and on folks “perceived to be supporters of the PPP”.

Anyhow, his gripe was twofold. Even though he’d heard the President’s call all the way in the USA, he slyly said he hoped the former would send copies of his speech to “all political parties and civic organisations and trade unions” since the “embassies” would “certainly” have theirs by now”!

His other gripe was that the unity call came at the commemoration of Janet Jagan’s 100th birth anniversary. He caviled that while Janet might’ve been a fighter for women’s rights and social justice, she wasn’t the first! Well, the President never said she was!! He then suggested that “Mrs Jagan was not a unifying personality, her investment in public affairs of a certain tendency is for me sufficient to allow me to argue that a considered response to the President’s dramatic call from responsible agencies will be helpful.” Responsible agencies?

And what in the world does Kwayana mean by “her investment in public affairs of a certain tendency”??

Didn’t she struggle FOR Guyana’s freedom for more than half a century?

…insult to PNC supporters

After her Court appearance a couple of days ago, Volda Lawrence addressed PNC supporters who’d gathered to show solidarity. After the usual litany of describing her “persecution” at the hands of the dastardly PPP and the Police, who’re now their minions, Volda reacted to comments some of the party faithful must’ve made. Said she: “Comrades, y’all must listen to your leaders, and don’t question your leaders. That is how the PNC is. If you are a real PNC, you don’t question us.”

So now we should understand why Volda hasn’t uttered a world after Granger didn’t select her – the CHAIRWOMAN OF THE PNC – to represent the party in Parliament!! This is just the way the PNC is…cast in the autocratic mould of the founder-leader Forbes Burnham: “Yours is not to reason why; yours is but to do or die!!” “But is that democratic?” you ask, dear reader??

And the answer, of course, is that the PNC wouldn’t know democracy if it crept up and bit them on their banishes!!

…in Nigeria

Nigeria, the largest country in Africa, is roiling in riots after the Police shot protestors who were protesting Police brutality!!

It appears that the Police were profiling WEALTHY youths – from their clothes and IPhones – and arresting them.

Bizzaro USA?