EYEWITNESS: Back to the future…


…with overseas voting?

Your Eyewitness didn’t attend the “Diaspora Engagement Conference,” for the simple reason he didn’t want to be seen endorsing – in the slightest way – the coronation of the UG VC. What has the VC man done since he was rescued by his old YSM comrades – after he was let go with a year still to go on his two-year contract from the southern Land Grant College in Georgia USA?

After all, his “Strategic Culture” symposium in 2011 in Florida (on behalf of United States Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) was more about removing the PPP and installing APNU in office.

At UG, he spent more to cover the expenses of his jaunt to NY – with more than a dozen select staff members – than the funds they were supposed to raise, since it was billed as a “fundraiser”. Appoint a “Cabinet” (yes!! That’s what he calls it!) of some high-priced University supporters, while the rest of the staff have to support raising students’ fees if they’re to get a salary increase. Arbitrarily raise said students’ fees – which he had to rescind after protests? Your Eyewitness is still waiting for the promised accounting of how much the VC spent on his coronation.

So, anyhow, your Eyewitness has had to wait for reports to leak out on what transpired during the soiree at Ramada Princess. And now your Eyewitness is getting mighty alarmed after he was just informed – via a letter in the press – of one presenter calling for a “Return of Overseas Voting”!! And this was done by none other than an Executive of the WPA! On “overseas voting,” your Eyewitness can understand VC being enthusiastic.

After all, he was a card-carrying YSM member – along with most of the other PNC pensioners in the present Government – when Burnham, in 1968, came up with that stunt to begin his 20-year practice of rigging elections. Remember when the franchise was extended by the Comrade Leader to allow horses to vote in England via “overseas voting”? But for the WPA to suggest returning this much-abused device — even if it wasn’t going to be used for rigging… Why extend our voting overseas, when we can’t even count our votes INSIDE Guyana?

Who’s going to organise the overseas votes? The other WPA executive member who’s been placed in change of the “Diaspora Engagement Centre”? They’re going to be registering “overseas Guyanese”?? Is the list going to be as skewed as those who were invited to the Diaspora Engagement?

What’s definite is: something’s afoot to cook-up the 2020 elections.

…on funding witch-hunting

Accusations of “siphoned billions” by the PPP begat the audits when the PNC-led coalition slipped into office. That begat SARU, which begat SARA. By the last “begetting”, it was clear the Government was determined to “get” identified members of the PPP. SARA was going to be the hired-gun bounty hunters, who’d be paid from SARA’s takings. SARU’s Director was co-leader of coalition member WPA, Clive Thomas, who’d created a cottage industry – with no research – on a supposed “criminalised state” created by the PPP.

He and his CEO were kept on as Director of SARA, even though the legislation demanded the positions be filled by Parliament. Well, here it is…months later, the Government breaks every rule in the book of governmental spending to allocate $116 million to SARA. The irony that SARA’s mandate is to hunt down PPP members who broke those same rules was evidently lost on the Government!

And we discovered that SARA’s directed by Basil Williams. Vendetta confirmed!!

…on getting high

The Police just discovered and burnt down 3 acres of marijuana over in the jungles of Essequibo. For some strange reason, your Eyewitness was informed the ranks all took up positions downwind of the smouldering ganja fields!!

Inhaling second-hand ganja smoke?


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