EYEWITNESS: At what cost…



At what point will the supporters of the PNC stand up and be counted to preserve Guyana as a viable state?? With all the guns in the hands of an Army and Police that PNC leader Desmond Hoyte once boasted was “kith and kin”, the PNC knows the PPP’s incapable of repeating the said Desmond Hoyte’s strategy of “slow fyaah; mo’ fyaah” at the beginning of this millennium.

And this was AFTER the PNC street elements had bludgeoned the victorious 1997 PPP Government to truncate their term of office by 2 years – and revised the Constitution to include the PNC in governance!!

But will the supporters of the PNC stand up and do the right thing? Not likely! Just listen to the narrative that’s being spewed by some of the younger elements – who one would assume, weren’t polluted by the poisoned past! You’d think all the horrible killings by the “phantom squads” were unleashed full blown from the brow of Mars, the god of war, without any reasons!! There were no kick-down-the-door bandits in the late 80s who were armed with “long guns” from the Forces to wreak terror on “PPP supporters”!

There was no Hoyte who screamed “ethnic cleansing” by the PPP in the Public Services – when it was under HIS watch, the IMF mandated a reduction in their ranks. There was no Linden “Blackie” London and his gang who robbed banks and cambios; kidnapped Indian businessmen and demanded ransoms, and was yet draped with the flag of Guyana by Desmond Hoyte at his funeral.

There was no “political sophisticates” who founded a Buxton-based “Peoples Liberation Army” and helped spring the Mash 5 – including London’s lieutenant Douglas – from the Camp Street jail and set them up in Buxton.

There was no involvement of members of the PNC and “Wild Men” who indoctrinated the “Freedom Fighters” of Buxton to kill

Policemen and Indians from surrounding villages with impunity – and even chasing out Eusi Kwayana from the village where he had lived and nurtured for over 50 years. No, the rest of the populace should’ve shrugged their shoulders as PPP Government, which had the duty to defend the State by any means necessary – rolled over and capitulated.

Fact of the matter is it should’ve never come to a point where drug lords had to “bring order” to a fast exploding anarchy, caused by the armed forces’ unwillingness to confront the “Freedom Bandits” – which had support from the PNC constituency.

Why are PNC supporters only wringing their hands about the phantom squads and not also at the Buxton Bandits who kidnapped the US Regional Security Officer (RSO).
After all, the US did work with phantoms to rescue him, no??

…selling out?

Your Eyewitness knows the AFC’s fighting for their very survival. But jeez! They gotta draw the line SOMEWHERE!! Take Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan: we all know he failed miserably in running the Disciplined Forces which fall under his remit.

The immigration sector was immediately yanked and handed to PNC-Police-mole Winston Felix while Granger handled the Army; the newly resuscitated People’s Militia and SARA. God knows who was in charge of SOCU!!

But does Ramjattan have to hold a “bottom-house” meeting at the home of a Berbician fella from whom high-powered rifles with telescopic sights and ammo were seized?? What’s he’s trying to prove?? That he deserves the PM spot because he’s more “macho” than Nagamootoo? What’s next?? Hobnobbing with assassins? Then to emphasise the point, he goes on to recommend the rehiring of Sam Sittlington, who was fired by his British bosses!!
Rehiring a fraud expert who was fired for a fraudulent action, by claiming the fraudster was unaware he was committing fraud?
What kind of fraud expert is this??!!

…rehabilitating villains??

A prolix letter-writing doctor from England is upset Charrandas was upset at Hamilton Green’s pension being bumped from $165,000/monthly to $1.7 MILLION/monthly. Seems Green was kind to the doctor in childhood.

Hitler was also very kind to his secretaries. So, he wasn’t evil??



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