…on elections goals?

Under fire from the Opposition – both for his appointment and his decision on the Deputy CEO of GECOM – Rtd Justice James Patterson made some conciliatory noises, saying that “elections count for nothing if they aren’t “free and fair””. Was he trying to placate the Opposition as he addressed employees of the elections body who were being trained for the imminent LGE?

But in his remarks, notwithstanding the laudatory sentiment, Patterson simply emphasised why he was objectionable to the Opposition in the first place. He noted, “I have discovered since they declared me to be chairman of the outfit, what an important part GECOM plays in the public forum of this country.” He only discovered this NOW?? Where was he for the last two decades?

Ummmm!! Well, actually, he was in Grenada where he claimed he was “Chief Justice”, but later when confronted with the evidence – or really the LACK of evidence – he then claimed his pen had “SLIPPED”!! If his pen slipped to claim such an elevated position that was never achieved, why shouldn’t the Opposition be worried his pen may slip to give the PNC a victory they never achieved??

But let’s take him at his word on his realisation of the importance of GECOM as a lightning rod for much of Guyana’s political discussion – and deconstruct that realisation. It means that while Burnham and the PNC were rigging elections to remain in power, the Opposition’s struggle for “free and fair” elections – which dominated politics between 1968 and 1992 – didn’t touch his consciousness!! And the only reason this could’ve been so was because at the very best – like the Caricom leaders who were also struck mute – Patterson had bought Burnham’s “excuse”. That if it wasn’t the PNC, then the “Indian” PPP would get into power.

At the very worst, he could’ve been a dyed-in-the-wool PNC – as we discovered Granger was since a mere lad in short pants – after his confession to that overseas PNC group!! So yes, Mr Patterson, GECOM looms VERY large in our political discourse for very good reasons. Most non-PNC Guyanese – and some PNC ones – are CONVINCED rigging’s in the air. Those who lived through the past riggings can smell as well as see the signs.

We know Burnham had contemplated bringing in St Lucians to swell his constituency…so folks are leery the missing Haitians and Cubans may be the latest “fillers”. Burnham had padded the voters’ list with underage teenagers and with the now-revealed PNCite Felix given the Births and Deaths portfolio from Ramjattan, can you blame the present paranoia??
The ERC should demand Patterson testify!!

… on Disciplined Forces’ rotten apples

Imagine the following headlines in only ONE DAY’S NEWSPAPER: “Joint Services rank, three others found with ganja at Demerara Harbour Bridge”; “Cop being detained after Soesdyke club shooting”; “Lusignan Prison search uncovers more phones, drugs and weapons” and “Constable held with over 45 lbs of ganja at Cove and John”!! And the same day the Police announce that this year robberies have increased in our country once again!!

Well, if those in charge of “protecting” us have fallen to the “get rich quick by any means necessary” syndrome, what’d you expect from the career criminals out there? In fact, the forces of “law and order” are literally giving the criminals a run for THEIR MONEY!! But the rotten apples are also located higher in the barrel.

When this government took office, they boasted that because of the dominance of personnel from the Disciplined Forces in their ranks, Guyana’s security threat would be neutralised.
Now think why that ain’t so!!

…on source of pharma corruption

Finance Minister Winston Jordan explained that the Tender Board couldn’t very well be blamed for the latest scandal in the sole sourcing of pharmaceuticals for the GPHC.

How could they withhold approval when the $367 million in drugs was described as an “emergency”?

So why not charge the person who declared the emergency??


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