Eyewitness: Again projecting…


…PNC’s violent reflex

During the marathon Parliamentary Sitting on Monday night into Tuesday morning, the Government requestioned $249,967,523 to establish and operationalise what it described as the Regional Joint Support Teams. As explained by Governance Minister Teixeira, back in April, the Defence Board had discussed and approved the initiative – which involves both the GDF and the GPF, with the specific aim to deepen their operational capacity in crime-fighting.

During the debate in the National Assembly, the PNC Opposition – in the form of no other than ex-GDF Intelligence officer Col Harmon himself – who’s now PNC Opposition Leader – questioned the scope of the new teams. Like where they’d be located etc. They were given as comprehensive answers as were possible, such as that the command chain of the Police Commissioner, the Defence Board and the Commander in Chief would ensure all constitutional oversight would be maintained.

As everyone is aware, the Police are responsible for fighting crime in Guyana, but the Army can assist – in a supporting role. It was stated in the National Assembly that one unit would be based in Eteringbang, where the Government saw NEW threats to our security arising that had to be addressed. One example of such threats was the “Syndicato” gangs that have been entering from Venezuela and creating havoc in the remote western villages. The requisitioned amount was approved.

But the very next day, all hell broke loose. There was a new, dangerous spin on the matter: on Ex-GDF officer/Ex-Minister Annette Ferguson’s Facebook page came the accusation that the PPP were using the $250M to “resuscitate the Black Clothes Death Squad”!! The accusation had been circulating by all the known PNC social media activists, who’d been inciting, for months, PNC supporters to rise up against what they insisted was an “illegal” PPP Government! The activists – coordinated by the armchair-bound WPA gerontocracy – had been waging a campaign to oust the Granger-Harmon team from the PNC leadership by accusing them of being “soft” on the PPP. They quoted at every step of their campaign Desmond Hoyte’s mantra: “the PPP only responds to force”!

This aim of this new hysterical accusation about “Black Clothes” is transparent: in addition to being another flanking tactic against Granger…it’s also a projection of their near-term plans. Ironically, the Black Clothes were formed by Desmond Hoyte to fight the crime wave – especially the “kick down the door” bandits. But they took on the “Freedom Fighters” that launched terrorist attacks against the PPP Government after 2002.
The Joint Services and MoHA have now denounced the incendiary PNC claims, saying it’ll exacerbate the crime situation in Guyana.
But the PNC radicals have now tipped their hand: forewarned is forearmed!

…PNC’s callousness

The PNC have sunk to a new moral low. Yes, dear reader, even a snake crawling on the ground can’t sink lower! Imagine they’ve accused the Government of engaging in skullduggery to purchase the Russian-produced 400,000 Sputnik vaccines through a middleman – the UAE’s Sheik Maktoum! The fellow who’d visited Guyana last November for wide-ranging talks on a number of projects.

So what would the PNC have the Government do? Replicate TT’s Rowley’s stiff-necked-ness that resulted in them having no vaccines to back up his “lockdown” strategy to fight the COVID-19 pandemic? Well, actually, that’s what the PNC explicitly did! But after witnessing the horrible denouement of that “plan” – daily deaths in the high-teens for a month – shouldn’t they have complimented the PPP for getting vaccines by any means necessary in order to build herd immunity for our people?
But the PNC has always seen people as expendable. Didn’t Burnham boast he’d continue his “co-op” experiment to the last Guyanese?
And almost succeeded?!

…more rainfall and more floods?

It’s been your Eywitness’s contention that heavy rainfall doesn’t have to mean more flooding. All we gotta do is follow the hydrological rules established by the Dutch.
So, will we have those rules punitively enforced?