Eyewitness: AFC and PNC Breakup…


…to make up

Don’t get fooled by the angry reaction of David Patterson to the PNC welshing on their agreement to share the Reg 4 RDC Chair and Vice-Chair between themselves. He ain’t going nowhere. If he was serious, why didn’t he resign from Parliament rather than from his own party – the AFC? How does that petulant act make the PNC sit up and take notice?? Point of the matter is, if the AFC really had any principle, they would’ve insisted that the PPP get the Vice-Chair – they won the second largest number of seats on the RDC, didn’t they??

David Patterson’s problem is that, for the last five years – and five months – he’s been brown-nosing the PNC and Granger so strenuously (he had serious problems breathing) he thought they had accepted he was one of THEM. Surely, he obviously figured, they wouldn’t treat him like the doormat they did Ramjattan; even though, God knows, Ramjattan had a real go at the brown-nosing business in the last lap to the elections, to have the PNC grudgingly have him as their PM candidate!!

Patterson should now realise – since he obviously hadn’t done so yet – that when it comes to politics, the PNC know only one thing: control! control! and control!! If Granger could throw out Volda Lawrence – the Chair of the PNC, who has a powerful base in their stronghold of Georgetown – on her ear, who’s Patterson?? Does he think he’s Raphael Trotman?? He should remember that he didn’t have that “Nassau” summit with Granger, as Trotman did. From that moment, Trotman was a Manchurian PNC Candidate who just had to be activated with that code word – Nassau!!

So, what’s really going on, dear reader? As your Eyewitness said before, it’s the control thingy: Granger’s merely reminding all and sundry in the motley crew he picked for Parliament that it’s either his way or the highway. And If they don’t like it, they can just take a hike.

Granger has tested the waters on this principle so many times over the last five years, and, true to form, the AFC biggies like Ramjattan and Nagamootoo have always buckled – as they will again.

Patterson might’ve been fooled, when Granger gave AFC all those seats in Parliament and the RDCs, and thought the PNC really considered them more than tokens. He should now know that they were being used as “beards” for Granger to winnow out the PNC’s old guards, like Volda and Norton!! The next move is for the AFC to realise they should know their place and speak only when spoken to!!

Patterson’s tail will go between his legs!! What else can he do?

…to boycott

Hope Patterson has noticed the deafening silence from the AFC top honchos. If they had any intention of standing up to Granger and his unilateralism – or if they had an ounce of pride – they’d have called their MPs to break the PNC boycott of Parliament! But here they are, supporting Granger and his foolish gesture to oppose the removal of that very unpopular tax in private schools and health-care facilities.

From this foolish move, your Eyewitness can now see that Granger has no intention of being a “loyal opposition” in Parliament. He’s about to go along with Trotman’s advice to Hoyte back in 2001 – to “oppose, expose and depose” the PPP, and nothing else. And we know the strategy that Hoyte unleashed, don’t we?? Mo fyaah! Slow fyaah!! And that’s what we saw after the unfortunate, brutal, horrible murders of the Henry cousins…Granger starting his own fire this time.

The cynicism of the PNC – about regaining power by any means necessary – knows no bounds. The country can go up in smoke for all they care!!

…to exploit nurses’ grievances

If there’s anything to exemplify the PNC’s callousness in their obscene urge to regain power, it’s their exploitation, yesterday, of the nurses’ grievances about getting some frontline benefits. They’ve just destroyed any hope of the country not seeing the protest as political.