Eyewitness: A tale of two…Buxtons


There’s been a whole lotta schupidness peddled in a false report about the cop suspected of shooting Bacchus being released from open arrest, which precipitated the Mon Repos Riot!! Nonsense and piffle!! That was the first narrative by the organisers, who kept in the background, pulling the strings of the folks they’d been grooming for months – with stories of discrimination, murder, racism, and whatever other oppressive behaviour that might pop up on their social media feeds. It should be no surprise that after a Police action at Golden Grove on the evening of the Riot, the Police were accused of staging an “INVASION” of the village. After all, Putin and the Ruskies did invade Ukraine!!!

Hard on the heels of the “false report” narrative came the “PPP infiltrators” narrative. One variant had been pulled out after the attempted PNC 2020 elections heist, when they claimed the PPP operatives had infiltrated the system with their operatives and had rigged themselves into power!! And this even though their fearless Security Maven Ramjattan – with his trusty sidekick Kathy – had sprung a trap and captured some PPP Russian pencil hackers!! Never mind that their other elections’ narrative was that Sara-Ann Lynch had “INSTALLED the wicked and illegal PPP cabal” (IWIPC)!!

In the Mon Repos Riot, the organisers insisted that it was the PPP who had their “infiltrators” all primed and ready on the East Coast – to pounce so viciously and beat, pummel, and rob the stallholders. And burn a bus and some cars for good measure, before carting off all sorts of groceries on their heads, bicycles and motorcycles!! Well, your Eyewitness saw these “infiltrators” in his smartphone feed, and he expects the organisers – who had also seen them – to picket the Police for them to be located and charged! Just so the “IWIPC” can be exposed once and for all times!!

But on top of all this drama on protests came a showdown reminiscent of that great classic – “Gunfight at OK Corral”. Seems the organisers of the Mon Repos Riot Protest had organised another protest at Buxton Public Road on Monday – a holiday this year. The Government then apparently decided to beard the protesters in their stompin’ ground – by organising an outreach on the same day in the village’s sports field. It was a test of who had more support in what has historically been a PNC village!!
The Govt’s team was headed by PM Philips – who’d announced that as an African Guyanese who’s spent his entire life serving the country in the army, the people of Buxton needed development, and not protest!!
From the turnouts, the PM clearly won hands down!!

…Police hierarchies

There’s also a whole lotta hoopla being made by the Opposition types about the changes being made by the Government on staffing the top brass of the GPF. All it proves is the Police play a critical role in the politics of Guyana on account of its volatile nature – where all hell can break loose at any moment – like it did at Mon Repos. But as soon as Granger had entered office in 2015, he’d appointed a former COP – Felix – as a Minister – in face of earlier protestations when on the job that he wasn’t PNC!!

Granger then used one of the flimsiest of concocted excuses – a rumshop gyaaf – to fire the top COP, decapitate his deputy (both of whom were Indian Guyanese) and install his handpicked team. The persons who’re yelling bloody murder now didn’t raise a “coo” then. But here, sauces for goose and ganders aren’t the same, are they??
All your Eyewitness can say is that we must ensure that the Constitution is followed!!

…“food hampers”

Your Eyewitness gasped at the size of the “hampers” given out by the PM’s team in Buxton. He guesses they had to match the outsize bags of groceries carted away by the “infiltrators” at Mon Repos!!