Expired goods destroyed by New Amsterdam Municipality


The New Amsterdam Municipality on Wednesday afternoon destroyed hundreds of thousands worth of expired goods which were recently seized from outlets in Region Six.

Most of the items had expiry dates dating back to 2018.

According to Environmental Health Assistant Salima Outar, the safety operation is carried out every three months. She said for the second quarter of the year more items were ceased than were in the first quarter.

Outar said that a large amount of the items seized were from a particular supermarket but the proprietor was very uncooperative with the probe.

“That is why we are advising the general public to check items as they purchase them.”

Outar urgrd persons to continuously check the expiry date on items they are purchasing.

“We want to put the public on their guard because they are paying for these items… as you find these items contact us and we will do the necessary,” she noted.

Essence, pepper sauce, bottled beverages, olive oil and packaged spices and medical supplies are just a few of the items ceased.

“Even face products, body products and a range of edible things that you would find in a supermarket… and even down to baby items.

The businessowners were not fined or otherwise penalised for selling the expired goods.

However, it was noted that the destruction of the substandard products has resulted in major losses for the dishonest business persons.