DEADLY CHASE: Former beauty queen recalls harrowing ordeal being mistakenly pursued by army officer

Alana Seebarran
Former beauty queen, Alana Seebarran
Former beauty queen, Alana Seebarran

Former beauty queen Alana Seebarran, in a statement to the Guyana Police Force, has outlined her shocking and harrowing experience of being mistakenly pursued by car during a high-speed chase through the streets of Georgetown by the now dead army intelligence officer, Robert Pyle.

Inews obtained a copy of the statement that Alana gave to the police, the full (unedited) version of which has been published on this site (click on link below).

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It should be noted that Alana Seebarran is the wife of opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Member of Parliament and Attorney-at-Law, Charles Ramson Jnr.

In her statement to the Police Criminal Investigation Department, Alana recalled that on the evening of December 30, she and her brother Raymond Seebaran visited her Lot 116-117 Cowan Street, Kingston home to pick up supplies for her young baby, when the ordeal began unfolding.
She said upon arrival at her home about 20:30hrs there was no vehicle or persons in the vicinity, but upon exit she observed two men in the middle of the road, dressed in plain clothes and looking in the direction of her home.

The former Miss India Worldwide said she became nervous and she along with her brother proceeded quickly to lock the gate and headed to their vehicle, when one of the men on his cellular phone was saying, “they coming out now… they coming out now”.

Alana said as they approached their vehicle, one of the men who remains unknown to them said, “can I have a minute of your time?”

The mother of a young daughter said she became very concerned and nervous and urged her brother to enter the vehicle to which he complied.

She explained that the man walked towards the passenger side where she was seated and signalled her to lower the window. Her brother then lowered the window about two inches.
“The man did not show us any form of identification but mumbled he was from the Special Crime Organisation and that ‘we need you to wait… our boss is on his way.’ I became very scared as the man had no uniform, never stated his name nor did he show us any identification, so I told my brother to drive away,” Seebaran told investigators in her statement.

She noted, however, that her brother faced some difficulties in driving off as a white car came close behind theirs in an attempt to cut them off, but they eventually managed to elude the men and drove west on Cowan Street, by which time a silver car came into their path forcing them to stop.

“A man came out of the silver car and started to shout at us and bang on our vehicle’s bonnet with his hands. I started to scream for my brother to drive away and he found a small pathway between the trench on the southern side of the street and the parked silver car and drove away heading west on Cowan Street,” the young woman recalled.

She said fearful for their lives her brother began speeding as the two vehicles continued to follow them.
Alana recalled that as they proceeded east along Carifesta Avenue the two cars were still trailing their vehicle and she contacted her father via telephone who advised that they drive to Kitty Police Station.

She recalled that the white car at one point pulled alongside theirs in an attempt to cut them off, but was forced to abandon the manoeuver since there was another vehicle just in front of them.

“After we passed the car which was immediately in front of us, the white car moved towards the southern side of the carriageway and drove alongside us when I felt an impact on our vehicle in the vicinity of the right front wheel area and observed that the white vehicle then careened on the southern side of the carriageway when I heard what sounded like a loud collision. I was still scared and told brother not to stop and that we must go right away to the Kitty Police Station as my father suggested.”

The woman said they drove to the Kitty Police Station but after telling ranks there of their ordeal they were advised to drive to Alberttown, since the incident occurred in that police district.

Seebaran said while there a report was made and they were told by the ranks that “we were free to go home.”
Out of fear they asked that the sergeant escort them home, which he did.



It should be noted that Sergeant Plye was at the time part of a team providing surveillance and intelligence gathering work at the private residence of NICIL’s Head, Winston Brassington whose house is said to be located near the Seebarrans (no family relations).

He died after the vehicle he was driving slammed into a canter truck while trying to block a vehicle (driven by Alana’s brother) which had moments ago left another house in the vicinity of Brassington’s Kingston, Georgetown home after his first attempts to have the occupants exit their vehicle failed.

During the high-speed vehicular chase, the GDF Officer’s vehicle reportedly slammed into a canter truck on Carifesta Avenue resulting in the death of three persons, including his wife Stacy, along with the driver of the canter, Linden Eastman.

The circumstances surrounding the death of the army officer has since been shrouded in controversy and has been one of the hot topics of discussion over the past several days, more specifically as it relates to numerous conflicting reports that have emerged about the covert operation he was involved in at the time of his demise.

It is understood that Sergeant Pyle was called out to duty on the night of December 30 to engage in a stakeout operation in relation to the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) investigation into the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL). At the time, he had just picked up his wife, Stacy, from her workplace at the Davis Memorial Hospital and was heading home.

The late GDF Sergeant, Robert Pyle
The late GDF Sergeant, Robert Pyle

The incident has sparked much controversy and brings to the fore many unanswered questions within the public domain. The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has since demanded to know why there was surveillance on Brassington’s private residence; who authorised the GDF rank to conduct surveillance; who gave political direction to SOCU to conduct surveillance; and who instructed the GDF to assist SOCU in any investigation among other questions. Further, the PPP expressed that this particular incident resembled several during the Burnham era when the misuse of the security and intelligence community for political purposes was rampant.



  1. Guyana need help. Guyanese need protection from the PNC phantom squad. The PNC need to put an end to the soldiers spying on us. PNC need to stop setting criminals free! Who will protect us from the PNC criminals and soldiers?
    Only America can save us from this dictatorship.

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  5. Unbridled, covert operation. How can an operation, that should not have happened in the first place, go so wrong. Review you oversight protocal completely, and ensure the discscipline of your operatives. I am sorry for the families of those that died, especially the civillians, who were completely innocent. A huge apology should be given in person, to the Seebarans/Ramson jr, by The COP and COS. However, I would still sue their asses off. It is against the law to do what they instructed to be done.

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  9. It’s n shame that the soldier and his wife died. No sympathy. Their superiors should stand the cost of the funerals, not the tax payers.

  10. What a sloppy intel unit this is, if it was indeed a true intel work. This more appear like a kidnap plot using state apparatus. Intel people dont chase to arrest, they work relentlessly to gain intelligence without being noticed. These PNC cowards needs to go back to classroom. where are the Human rights, women rights, where is nageer?? Speak up!!!

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    His strength is that he is good at writing, and articulating, and they both use him for this. His weakness is that he don’t forgive so easily and personalize conflict and difference making it into a personal battle to the disadvantage of the greater good. if things continue the way it is going don’t be surprise to see his pen turn into a sword against the Government.

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  27. So these guys did not show any ID, and then endangered the lives of not only the siblings but also others on the road eventually leading to the death of the canter driver.

    Given what has transpired in Guyana in recent times, with criminals in police uniform s robing people etc., you can imagine why ordinary citizens would be fearful in such a situation.

    I call for all police officers uniform or not to properly identify themselves by showing their IDs and Badge. Also if citizens request their badge number, they should provide it without hesitation. Guyana has a long long way to go..

  28. So now it’s not just Brassington that these people after they after A MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT WIFE???? This is the most disgraceful act that this administration can ever do. This is now getting extremely dangerous. Guyanese people our lives are in grave danger with this military ran governemnt. All of you “Vote like a bosses”, look alya “boss” votes results. It is time that this PNC way of politics be brought to an end. Guyana is on a downward spiral and the salary increased PNC ministers could care less about the future of this country. This defacto governemnt must go. They are an incompetent bunch of nincompoops, charlatans of the PNC days. Back once again with the aid of external forces who assisted with rigging an election and lying to the electorate. Anyone who is anyone must come out and condemn this despicable act of local terrorism. Enough is enough. Call a fresh elections as many have lost confidence in this governemnt.

  29. EXCLUSIVE – Carifesta crash: Alana Seebarran recounts harrowing experience…in statement to police
    East Indians get out now out of Guyana since this is PNC country now and no one dare stop them from doing what they want::


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