Exact number of prisoners who escaped still to be ascertained- Police


…say as roaming inmate, other than disclosed five, caught

An aerial view of the Camp St. prison this morning following the disastrous Sunday fire

In addition to the five prisoners who were reported to have escaped on Sunday following their revolt against Correctional Officers and setting the Camp Street Prison on fire, police this morning reported that another escapee was picked up on Hadfield Street, Georgetown during the wee hours of Monday.

The re-arrested murder accused has been identified as 20-year-old Shawn Collins of Ketley and Drudale Streets, Georgetown. He reportedly escaped last evening while being transported with other prisoners to another penitentiary.

According to Police Public Relations Officer, Jairam Ramlakhan, police are still to ascertain the exact number of prisoners who escaped yesterday. The Camp Street Prison, up to Sunday morning, held 1018 prisoners- more than half of which were remand cases.

On Sunday afternoon, prisoners staged an attack on prison officers while setting fire to four different locations in the Prison. The fire is believed to have been a mode of distraction for the prison officers, who were shot at, stabbed and beaten brutally by a group of prisoners.

During the mass confusion which included a cross fire between inmates and police, 5 prisoners- including the Bartica Massacre death row convict, Royden Durant Williams aka “Smallie” – escaped in a hijacked vehicle.

The life of correctional officer- Odinga Wickdam- was taken after he was shot by an escapee, while several other prison officers and prisoners were injured as a result of the inferno.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that law enforcement officials during an inspection of the destroyed prison did not (up to this point in time) find any casualties following the disastrous blaze.


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