Ex-policeman arrested for robbery                                                                                                                                     


An ex-policeman along with his accomplice were on Friday last arrested after they were positively identified by a gold miner whom they robbed of his jewellery on Old Year’s Day.

According to information received, the suspects attacked the victim at Republic Avenue McKenzie, Linden where they gun butted him and relieved him of the said jewellery.

Inews understands that the ex-cop and his accomplice were captured in Festival City, Georgetown.

However, further investigations carried out by ranks of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in collaboration with detectives of Linden revealed that the motorcar in which the men were found during their arrest was identified as being stolen during a robbery at Better Hope, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

The Police in a statement disclosed that even though the victim’s vehicle engine and chassis numbers corresponded with his registration, a purportedly faked registration was produced by one of the suspects for the said vehicle.

The two suspects are scheduled to be placed on several identification parades within the next few days in relation to several carjackings.





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