Ex-GDF Private acquitted of murdering her ex-boyfriend’s mother


Former Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Private, Abiola Jacobs was today freed of murdering her ex-boyfriend’s mother on February 1, 2014, after the jury unanimously acquitted her.

However, at the High Court this afternoon, the state asserted its intention to appeal the decision.

Accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend’s mother, Abiola Jacobs was today freed

On January 31, 2014, Taylor’s motionless body was found lying face up at her Lot 16-17 Agricola, Greater Georgetown home. Her throat was slit, her hands were behind her back, and her shirt was wrapped around her neck.

Taylor’s cause of death had been given as shock and haemorrhage due to incised wounds compounded with blunt trauma to the head.

Jacobs was accused of killing her ex-boyfriend’s mother over the differences she shared with the woman’s son.

Jacobs has, however, denied the allegation of having murdered Taylor, and has been on trial for the last few weeks.

According to reports, the murdered woman was attacked while in bed at some time after 23:00hrs. She was reportedly dragged to the back of the Agricola flat that she rented. Her body was discovered by a neighbour, who informed other relatives.

The jury had been told that Taylor’s daughter, Marcelle Collymore, the accused Abiola Jacobs and her mother had a fight on the day of Taylor’s demise.

Jacobs was at the time living with the family as she was the estranged girlfriend of the deceased woman’s son.

This was also confirmed in the evidence of Police Superintendent Joel David who testified that Jacobs informed him that she spoke with Taylor on the day of her death.

Superintendent David had also corroborated that the survivor of the attack; Samantha Sabbatt, who was the overseas British guest of the Taylors at the time of the housewife’s demise, had placed Jacobs at the scene of the crime.

Samatha Sabatt was injured after she jumped from the window of the two-storey house when persons invaded the Lot 16-17 Agricola property.

Jacobs, told the court that from her standpoint, she and Donna Taylor had a good relationship and were friends even after the relationship with the woman’s son ended.

She also told the 12-member jury that she last saw the woman alive on January 29, 2014, at the woman’s home.

She maintained her story that on February 1, 2014, she received a phone call informing her of what transpired, noting that she later went to the Taylors and saw her ex-boyfriend crying.

After seeing other family members, she went outside and Police approached her and questioned her about her whereabouts.

She was subsequently arrested by police and charged with Taylors murder.

All the while, she has maintained her innocence as she concluded her testimony before the jury and presiding Judge James Bovell-Drakes.


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