Ex-cop among three arrested shortly after robbing cyclist


An ex-policeman is among three persons who were promptly arrested by ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) after they robbed a 19-year-old cyclist along the De Kinderen Public Road, West Coast Demerara (WCD).

The suspects are a 25-year-old ex-cop of Samatta Point, Grove, East Bank Demerara (EBD); a 23-year-old AC technician of Kaneville, EBD; and a 25-year-old construction worker of Providence New Housing Scheme, EBD.

Reports are that the victim, Darmendra Yussuff of De Willem, ECD had left his place of work at Zeelugt, East Bank Essequibo with his bicycle and he was proceeding east along the De Kinderen Public Road when he was approached by the three suspects who were in a motorcar.

The car, a white Toyota Premio, drove alongside him and one of the suspects, who was clad in police uniform, ordered him to stop his bicycle.

Thinking that the man was indeed an officer, the cyclist stopped his bicycle. He was then asked several questions by the suspect, including why he was not wearing a face mask.

The suspects then asked the teenager what he had in his pocket, to which he replied money.

The perpetrators then asked him to put the money on his bicycle seat. The victim told investigators that he complied, assuming the men were police officers.

One of the suspects then collected the money and as he was trying to relieve the victim of his cellphone, the young man quickly fled the scene.

At this point, the suspects drove away in the car. The victim, who managed to record the vehicle registration number, contacted the police, who responded quickly, located the suspects’ motorcar and subsequently gave chase.

The suspects drove the car into Uitvlugt Estate Road in a bid to escape. The driver then abandoned the vehicle, leaving his other colleagues to be apprehended by the police.

A continued search effort by the officers resulted in the arrest of the driver.

The car and suspects were escorted to the Leonora Police Station where they were positively identified by the  victim.

The car was then searched and a cutlass and a improvised icepick were recovered and lodged.

The suspects were then placed into custody assisting with the investigation