EU calls on politicians to address grievances through legal means

Head of the EU delegation, Ambassador Robert Kopecký
Head of the EU delegation, Ambassador Robert Kopecký
Head of the EU delegation, Ambassador Robert Kopecký

[] – The European Union (EU) has called on politicians of the 2015 regional and general elections to address, “any possible grievance through the channels established by the law.”

A statement to the press, from the EU made this call following the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) rejection of the preliminary results which places the APNU+AFC coalition as the Party that will likely form the next government.

“The EU calls on all actors to respect the legal procedures.”

The EU also joined the United States, United Kingdom and Canada in commending the fair and transparent manner of the elections, which were conducted by the Guyana Elections Commission.

“The European Union notes that the Guyanese General and Regional elections of 11 of May 2015 were largely peaceful, transparent and inclusive with a high turnout and good performance of electoral authorities. The EU commends the Guyana Elections Commission for an efficient and well-organized election process.”

The EU says it also looks forward to strengthening its bilateral and regional cooperation and continuing close collaboration with Guyana’s Pro Tempore Chairmanship of CARIFORUM, in particular in the run up to the EU-CELAC Summit and the EU-CARIFORUM Top Level meeting of 11 of June 2015.



  1. Gecom acceded to Desmond Hoyte’s request for a forensic audit in the 1997 elections. Why treat the PPP/C differently? Can anyone explain this to me?

  2. There’s no other way and I think we the people of Guyana know that. We don’t need foreign countries to butt in. Mind your own business.


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