Essequibo youths want Community Centre Ground fixed to play sports

The current state of the ground

Youths in the Supenaam/Good Hope and neighbouring Villages on the Essequibo Coast are calling on Government to fix the Community Centre Ground in Good Hope so as to facilitate sports and other activities.

Coach and educator, Albert Tucker told this publication that having a functional area will help the young people to meaningfully engage themselves in activities that will keep them away from drugs, alcohol and other bad influences plaguing the county that is primarily engaged in farming.

Tucker said that the plot of land was given to the community for sports by their fore parents. If fixed, he said, it will be a blessing to the community especially, the young people.

Moreover, he explained that sometime last year the Ministry of Social Cohesion promised to donate some money towards the development of the ground, but until now they never received any and no one contacted them since.

Presently the ground is in a deplorable state, due to overgrown vegetation and animals roaming.

The coach said that youths in the area have the potential to do good in sports but a proper training facility is one of the main problems.

Mention was also made to adapt the Community Centre Building, which is next door to the ground and is presently not functioning and is slowly being taken over by vegetation

He said that the community is willing to assist and he is confident that the business community will come on board in sponsoring gears and games, provided that they get the support of the Government to fix the ground.

According to the coach he is presently engaging the youths, both male and female in cricket and football, but space to practice is the problem and he is hoping that the Administration will come on board and fix the ground so as to give the young people a chance to develop their potential.


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