Essequibo welcomes coalition victory


APNU AFC[] – Many Essequibians have welcomed the victory of the APNU/AFC Coalition at the General and Regional Elections and have pledged to support the new government.

The Guyana Elections Commission made the announcement of the preliminary results on Thursday just after midday and many were relieved, nothing they welcomed the good news and will look forward to peace and continued progress with an APNU+AFC Coalition government.

Though GECOM has provided the raw data of the results, the elections commission has not made an official declaration.

Many rice farmers are also happy with the APNU+AFC victory and are looking forward for the new government to address several problems in the rice industry on the Essequibo Coast.

One farmer said he was guaranteed that the new government will seek more international markets and offer them better prices for their paddy and rice.

The victory of the APNU+AFC Coalition has brought joy to many villages on the Essequibo Coast and Pomeroon and people are also celebrating the victory. [Rajendra Prabhulall in Essequibo]



  1. Clinton Urling seems to be the only man on the PPP/C contingent,who has congratulated the winner,APNU/AFC.You should be the next leader of this DYING party,with your intelligence and good judgement.

  2. This attitude indicates to the people of Guyana,that you are not men but mice,Ramotar,Jagdeo and the PPP/C cabal.YOU HAVE LOST THESE ELECTIONS to APNU/AFC,according to the preliminary RESULTS DECLARED by GECOM,the AUTHORITY,but you are too DUMB AND IRRESPONSIBLE to ACCEPT DEFEAT.YOU ARE POWER DRUNK,but will come to your consciousness SOONER THAN LATER.DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE?IT SEEMS SO.


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