Essequibo mechanic chops wife, then attempts suicide


– both complain about living in an abusive relationship 

Tormented and ‘fed-up’ of his wife, an Essequibo mechanic decided to make good on his numerous reported threats to kill  her, when in the early hours of Wednesday morning he dealt her several chops about the body as she lay sleeping. He then resorted to immediately consume poison in an effort to take his own life.

The woman, Melissa Durga, a mother of three who hails from Abrams Creek in lower Pomeroon but is presently residing at Walton Hall on the Essequibo Coast in Region Two (Pomeroon/Supenaam) was awoken around 4:30 hrs Wednesday morning by several chops from her common law husband, Mohammed Rakfeek Ali. Both Durga and Ali are presently patients at the Suddie Public Hospital.

‘NURSING SEVERAL CHOP WOUNDS’: Melissa Durga at the Suddie Hospital

The husband and wife, lying on separate beds at the hospital, spoke to this media house about the incident and of living in an abusive relationship.

Ali, a mechanic, related that he was ‘fed up’ of his wife’s attitude and related that on numerous occasions she left her children unprotected and venture into “different relationships”.  The man said he spoke to his wife several times about her lifestyle but she continue to leave the children and responsibilities on his shoulders. The man said he regretted what he did but he snapped after  enduring too much emotional pain in the marriage.

On the other hand, Melissa Durga said the problem stemmed when she disclosed to Ali that she was not going to take him back. Durga said she and Ali separated and said she only visited his home so she can spend some time with her children for Easter. The woman claimed that Ali threatened to kill her several times, and these threats were reported to the police.

Mohammed Rakfeek Ali consumed poison after chopping his wife and is currently warded at the Suddie hospital

Relating the story,  the woman said she was asleep around 4:30 hrs Wednesday morning when Ali started to chop her about the body. The woman said she wake-up startled  as several chops were pelted in her direction.  Durga received 5 chops to her back, one on her left hand and one to her right eye. The mother said she started screaming, after which her children came to her rescue.

She managed to escape through the front door while her husband also left and immediately reached for poison which he consumed.

The woman’s daughter, Shafeena Ali, said that all she heard were “screams coming from the top of the bed”. Shafeena, who is 12 years old,  explained that she usually sleep with her brother on the floor in their small house.


The secondary school student said she immediately rushed over to her badly wounded mother, who was bleeding profusely. She then rushed over to her aunts living nearby to assist in taking both parents to the hospital.

The twelve-year-old, still traumatised, said her mother was separated from them and she begged her mom to return so that they can spend time for Easter. The girl said she did not hear her parents fighting or quarrel.

She however, alluded to the fact that she would usually hear her father making threats to kill her  mother. The couple shared an abusive  relationship for 13 years and that union brought two children. Durga was reported to have been in previous relationships, and also has another child.

Meanwhile, Ali is presently battling for his life at the hospital and is currently under police guard. Police are continuing their investigations. (Indrawattie Natram)


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