Essequibo man kills self after wife died from suspected HIV related complications



suicide[] – A 33 – year – old father of Jibb Village on the Essequibo Coast ended his life in tragic manner last Sunday (August 31), after his 21- year – old wife, who was a mother of two children passed away after reportedly losing the battle against the deadly HIV virus.

iNews understands that the man ingested a poisonous substance.

According to reports, the man who is an Ex- Police Officer and his young wife started to experience a rapid decline in their health several months ago but were unaware that they were victims of the deadly disease.

Reports also indicate that the wife was taken by her mother to several doctors to seek medical attention for her health problems but there were no improvements although medication was prescribed.

iNews was informed that the family finally decided to conduct an HIV test on her and it was revealed that she was positive.

This revelation left the family in shock, anger and frustration which led to confusion because according to relatives of the woman, she was a quiet person who came from a poor family.

Word of the sickness of the couple spread around the village and they became isolated.

Family members claim that the husband who tried to seek employment was rejected by several private employers. As a result, he could not manage to feed his family and care for his sick wife and two children.

The husband who is also suspected to be HIV positive committed suicide two days after his wife died. The death of the young couple has plunged the villages of Jibb and Paradise into mourning.


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  2. where were the aids support groups-people with the training and experience to handle these kinds of cases? at least the persons who tested them should have given pre- test and post-test counselling and then refer them for further counselling. so sad that the children have to suffer the loss of both parents.

  3. this is a very sad story … how can people lack compassion for this family . He was driven to his death faster by the actions of villagers.

  4. I doubt the villages were plunged into mourning. Their attitude made matters worse. Shame on those who refused to offer employment because of an HIV status.

  5. Shame on the people of Jibb village for treating that couple like that where is your compassion? Are Guyanese as a people lost what everyone else used to admire us for being kind. Are we still in the dark ages? You cannot get Aids from standing talking or holding hands unless you are having sex with a infected person that means you are exchanging bodily fluids you can get TB much faster educate yourself who knows whom might be next.


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