Essequibo man dies while chopping wood


A 39-year-old man is now dead after he received injuries to his neck from a piece of wood he had been cutting for his wife.

Gowkarran Narine of Reliance, Essequibo Coast, succumbed to his injuries at home sometime around 13:00h and 16:00h on Friday.

Reports are that Narine had told his wife that he was going to “burst wood” for her to do some cooking, and as such started chopping pieces of wood at around 13:00h.

His 27-year-old wife told the police that she had started cooking and was about eight feet away from Narine, who was in the process of chopping wood, when she heard a strange sound coming from his direction.

She said that she turned around and saw her husband laying on the ground and upon rushing towards him, she noticed a piece of wood sticking in the right side of her husband’s neck, and blood started to flow from that wound.

According to the police, the woman stated that she immediately removed the piece of wood that was stuck in Narine’s neck and threw it away.

She then proceeded to wipe the blood away from his neck with a piece of sponge.

Narine’s wife told police that she asked her husband if he wanted to go to the hospital but he “couldn’t talk”, so she took him to their bedroom instead, where he died a few hours later.

According to the police, after she tucked her husband into bed, the woman returned to cooking but was checking on him repeatedly for a few hours.

Then about 16:00h, while checking to ensure he was okay, she discovered Narine was motionless on their bed.

A report was immediately made at the Anna Regina Police Station.

Narine was subsequently taken to the Suddie Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

His body was later escorted to the Suddie mortuary.

Meanwhile, investigations into the incident continue.



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