Essequibo house partially destroyed by fire


The Guyana Fire Service came in for high praises on Sunday morning after they prevented a house from engulfing in flames at Spring Garden, Essequibo Coast, Region Two.

The blaze reported started at about 2:45h in an apartment occupied the owner’s nephew, Kujeshwar also called Naresh in the lower flat of the building.

The owner, 76-year-old Madai Sharma was spending time with her relatives in Georgetown. She is reportedly the sister of Guyanese businessman Brian Tiwari of BK International.

However, based on information received, the nephew was at the time reportedly preparing a meal on a kerosene stove but left the house to run an errand.

Upon his return he saw the lower flat of the 40-year-old house on fire.

One of the man’s uncle, Gowkarran Sharma who lives next door reportedly saw smoke emanating from the building and raised an alarm. Residents quickly formed a bucket brigade and started to put out the flames. The fire service was summoned and responded promptly.

Although the blaze was put out, the apartment in the lower flat of the house was completed destroyed along with its furniture and appliances. These include beds, microwave, refrigerator, a gas stove and music system among others.

At the scene, Gowkarran told the Guyana Times that he is a staunch Hindu and was preparing to observe Maha Shivaratri today when he saw the smoke followed by flames.

He noted that it was indeed a miracle that the entire wooden structure did not go up in flames.

Fire officials have launched an investigation into the incident.



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