Essequibo Coast tailor shot while evading bandits at his home


A tailor of Onderneeming Sand Pit, on the Essequibo Coast, is now nursing a gunshot wound to his right foot after evading armed bandits on Saturday night.

Injured is 38-year-old Narindra Persaud.

Based on information received, Persaud and his wife were sitting in a hammock in the verandah of their one-storey home, when the woman started to scream. Persaud then looked outside and saw two masked men entering his yard from the eastern direction.

Persaud recalled that both men had on hoodies and one was armed with a “shiny handgun”.

The gunman ordered them to be quite but both Persaud and his wife dashed for the door during which the bandit opened fire at them, hitting the tailor on the lower right foot.

However, the couple managed to get into the house and closed the door before calling out for help. At that time, the bandits discharged four more shots before escaping.

The matter was reported and Persaud was taken to the Suddie Public Hospital, where he was treated and sent home.

Meanwhile, ranks from the Anna Regina Police Station visited the scene and a spent shell was found.

Police are continuing their investigation.