Essequibo Coast residents call for more investment

An aerial view of a section of the Essequibo Coast.
An aerial view of a section of the Essequibo Coast.

The Essequibo Coast, stretching from Supenaam to the Pomeroon, is known for its many farming communities, where agriculture is the backbone of its economy.

But as the younger generation continues to move away in search for better employment opportunities, residents are calling for more investments in the region, known as the Cinderella County.

During a recent visit to some communities there, residents explained that there is huge potential for growth within the region.

“Essequibo have land, plenty land, we have space and we need so much, but no one is investing and the young people them keep moving away because of that,” one resident said.

One young teacher is calling for a University of Guyana campus to be built in the region, pointing to the fact that both Demerara and Berbice have campuses.

“It’s hard because most of us want to further our education but we cannot do it from here. So that’s the only option left, to move somewhere where you can pursue your studies. And when you end up moving and see that there is a better life elsewhere then usually you don’t return, that’s how its been going for the longest,” the teacher explained.

She further revealed that the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE) in the county only offers training in nursery and primary but not in secondary.

“So if you want to become a secondary school teacher, then you gotta move and go to pursue that at the colleges” she explained.

Just recently, Regional Chairman, Davanand Ramdatt had emphasised the need for growth and development in the county.

Ramdatt had noted that though agriculture is important and will remain important to Essequibo, the county is looking to build tourism.

The economy is not as it once was but I know for sure that there is tremendous potential for growth and development. We strongly believe that this business will add to the competitiveness and will provide job creation,” Ramdatt had stated at the opening of a Diamond Insurance branch a few days ago.