Essequibo Coast resident admitted to local bar


“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all love of what you’re doing or learning to do.”

That is the quote that inspired Darshani Lall to pursue her dreams, no matter the challenges.

“I wrote this quote on my wall in 2014 when I started UG and I held onto the word perseverance whenever I doubted myself or it became difficult, I looked at that word and I kept on going.”

Lall, 27, of Essequibo Coast, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam), was recently admitted to the local bar at the Demerara High Court before Justice Sandra Kurtzious having graduated from Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad.

Her petition was presented by Attorney of the Guyana Legal Aid Clinic, Shellon Boyce, who spoke highly of the new attorney. She noted that Lall showed excellent work ethics and was always ready to help and learn during in-service training for ten weeks at the Guyana Legal Aid Clinic.

Justice Kurtzious commended Lall for the sacrifices she made during her studies.
“You should continue to read and study because it will enhance your knowledge since law is changing constantly. It is now that the work truly begins and you should be noble to the profession. You should forever be minded of your oath to serve and duty as an officer of the court,” said Judge Kurtzious.

The Judge highlighted that she is happy that the young attorney chose to return to the Cinderella County to serve.

Lall said she is grateful for the opportunity and intends to abide by the Judge’s words of wisdom and to practice with the highest standard expected of the noble profession.

“I wish to thank both of my parents for their countless sacrifices. Most of you may not know but neither of my parents completed their secondary education. However, they both did their best to ensure that their children receive a quality life and education. They went above and beyond for me, all without complaining,” Lall said.

Lall attended the Anna Regina Secondary School and later, the University of Guyana.

Lall, during an interview with this publication, related that the toughest part of the journey was when her mother became ill and was hospitalised on two occasions. However, her mother insisted and convinced family members that she must go on to further her studies.
She expressed that the journey was tough but rewarding and that she intends to return to the Essequibo Coast in January 2020 to start her practice there.