Essequibo Coast Police named Best Cop 2019


With just six years of service, Sergeant Gladwin Hanover, 33, was named this year’s Best Cop by the Guyana Police Force (GPF).

Today, the Force distributed some $21.3 million in cash and prizes to over 2000 ranks at its annual Christmas Awards Ceremony.

Sergeant Hanover recently took over the training of recruits at the Richard Faikal College on the Essequibo Coast.

Additionally, he heads the Zara Computer School at the Police Training Centre, where they have trained over 2700 civilians in PC repairs and maintenance. Sergeant Hanover also works with a lot of young people in the region.

“I am indeed honoured to be recognised for my hard work. I feel privileged to be given the Best Cop for the Force,” Sergeant Hanover told reporters.

He is looking forward to further elevation within the Force and urged his colleagues to continue working and to show dedication and determination in the conduct of their duties.

“I apply three Ds to myself, that is, determination, dedication, and discipline. With those three Ds, you can’t go wrong in the Guyana Police Force,” he stated.

Sergeant Hanover, who was also named Best Cop of his Division, received 3 exciting prizes from the Roraima Group of Companies.

He was among some 2600 ranks who were rewarded today for their stellar performances.