Essequibo Coast pensioner kicked out of home

Khalawatie Singh with all her belongings packed in baskets, bags and boxes

Life dealt an Essequibo Coast, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) pensioner a devastating blow after she was kicked out of her home shortly after her husband of 38 years died. The woman is now at the mercy of friends and is begging for someone to assist her in getting somewhere to live.

Khalawattie Singh, 66, of Perseverance Estate located along the Essequibo Coast said her husband, Tiwari Singh, died about three years ago. The duo had been living in their home all of their married life but had no children together. She did have stepchildren and have been caring for them as her own.

The woman related to <<<INews>>> that about six months after her husband died, his children came and began demanding that she leave the house. She initially fought back but could not have resisted the combined efforts of the stepchildren.

After she was thrown onto the streets, the elderly woman went to stay with some relatives but soon became a burden after which they asked her to leave. With nowhere to turn to, the woman went to a church in the neighbourhood and was turned away as well after being told she could not be accommodated there.

This forced the already depressed woman to beg a friend for lodging. She was told that she can only stay for a short while since the friend is a single mother.

With tears in her eyes, the elderly woman told this online publication that she is praying that someone assists her with an alternative arrangement since she would have to move to the streets if she cannot find a place. She said she is cognizant of the hardships her friend endures in order to accommodate her and added that she would have knocked on several doors but to no avail.

Some residents in the area are willing to assist the woman if she is granted a plot of land to construct a home. They are also calling on the regional authorities to seek to have a senior citizens home constructed in the region since there are many other cases of parents being shunned by children and left to dwell on the streets.

For now, Singh’s future looks very grim and according to her, it is very hard to go start over since she is not the fittest and cannot compete for a job. She is begging and praying that someone comes along and hears her plight so that she could have somewhere to spend her old age.

She noted that she has lived a God-fearing life and was always helpful to those she could have helped. She added that had her husband been alive, then she would have the comfort of her own house as well as the warmth of her own bed to lay her head at nights. Now she is just consumed by the fact that she may be homeless in the blink of an eye. (Mohanlall Seulall)



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