Essequibians frustrated over the slow drainage system

Three days later… flooding still persists

Residents living along the Essequibo Coast in Region Two, particularly those within the township of Anna Regina, are frustrated over the drainage system and are calling for an investigation into the lack of maintenance and a proper plan for a working drainage system in case of an emergency.

Villages along the Essequibo Coast have been underwater for three days now following heavy rainfall earlier this week. The residents are now questioning the lack of preparedness to deal with such weather pattern, which is becoming more prevalent.

“If we cannot take care of rain how can we take care of the mighty ocean if it comes to us,” one upset resident stated.

Anna Regina Pump Station

At the Anna Regina Koker and Pump Station, the systems cannot work simultaneously because of the design. When the Pump is in operation, it throws water into the Koker outlet causing the Koker to choke.

Residents are saying that if the pump and the koker work together, the water will recede more rapidly and there will not be an over topping of the drainage system.

Drains over topping in Anna Regina