ERM apologises to Shyam Nokta for unauthorised use of signature

Shyam Nokta

See below for contents of and the full letter sent by ERM, apologising for the unauthorised use of Shyam Nokta’s signature: 

Environmental Resources Management (“ERM”) was contracted to conduct an environmental impact assessment study (“EIA”) for the Yellowtail Development Project.

The proponent for the Yellowtail Development Project submitted to and received approval from the Guyana Environmental Protection Agency (the “EPA”) a list of consultants to conduct the EIA. This list did not include Mr. Shyam Nokta or his company, Environmental Management Consultants (“EMC”). In conduct of the EIA, ERM did not engage with or involve Mr. Nokta or EMC. ERM has no current relationship or engagement with Mr. Nokta or EMC to provide support to any EIA concerning the Yellowtail Development Project or otherwise.

It is with deep regret that Mr. Nokta’s electronic signature was inadvertently included by ERM on the cover of the version of the EIA non-technical summary for the Yellowtail Development Project that was posted on the EPA’s website.

ERM extends an unreserved apology to Mr. Nokta for this error and the ensuing commentary.