ERC urging all Guyanese to take part in Heritage Month activities

File photo: A group of Amerindians dramatise their culture in song and dance at the start of the heritage celebrations

With Amerindian Heritage Month officially launched on September 1, the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) is urging all Guyanese to partake in the festivities.

Even as the organisation extended its greetings to the Indigenous community and the wider spectrum, calls are being made to embrace the diversified culture which embodies Guyana as the month-long observances get underway.

“During the celebrations, many aspects of the Indigenous culture and traditions will be brought to the fore in this multi-ethnic society of ours. The ERC therefore urges all Guyanese to get involved in any way possible in the planned countrywide celebrations,” the ERC has said in a statement.

The theme for this year’s Indigenous Peoples’ Heritage Month is: “Proud of Our Indigenous Identity, Celebrating in Unity”.

The ERC has said Heritage Month is an opportunity for fostering unity among Guyanese while upholding the tradition and culture of the Indigenous Peoples.

“The prevailing religious and cultural freedoms are attributes which make a multi-ethnic and multi-faceted country like Guyana one of the most tolerant societies in the world today, having evolved after a long history of struggle and commitment to nation building. ERC, as it seeks to promote harmony and good relations among all, is reminding every Guyanese to make a valiant effort to remember the origins of our diverse Guyana, as we celebrate another milestone that builds bridges for our peoples.”

The ceremonial opening of the month’s activities is scheduled for today at the Sophia Exhibition Centre, and Heritage Village will be active from September 1-5.

At that time, the cultural extravaganza is expected to last for two hours every night, starting at 19:00h. There will be additional entertainment by other artistes, with performances from Blaze Antonio, King Harpy and the Mighty Perai.

These undertakings will culminate on September 29 with the annual Fundraising Dinner at the Mirage Banquet Hall. Tickets costs $10,000, and all proceeds would go to enhancing the Amerindian Hostel located on Princes Street, Georgetown.


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