Entire country deserves the ‘good life’ promised by Govt, says PPP/C in Region 2

People’s Progressive Party (PPP) General Secretary Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

As the days draw closer for Local Government Elections (LGE) on November 12, the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) took their campaign to Region Two (2), Pomeroon-Supenaam.

Scores of residents including a large number of rice farmers came out at the Walton Hall, Essequibo Coast to listen to the message of the political Opposition.

In his address to the gathering, Opposition Leader and General Secretary for the PPP/C Dr Bharrat Jagdeo called for support noting that the entire country deserves to enjoy the “Good Life” promised by the current Administration.

Jagdeo pointed out that Guyana’s economy continues to be brought to its knees and noted that the time is now for Guyanese to act and vote for a change.

“What we are seeing is wasteful spending, over 1.6 billion dollars more is being spent on food alone for Government officials which could have gone to the school children grants or water subsidy…I never thought that I would ever live to see hunger again in this country, but when I went to the sugar belt and saw the many workers that were fired from their jobs by Government, they are put on the bread line, I saw it” Jagdeo said.

Further the Opposition Leader urged the residents to make the right choice come Monday to avoid all of the “woes” that comes with the current Administration.

“ All the NDCs and Townships under their control, taxes are now up by 100 per cent…make the right choice at the polls come November 12th…prevent  heavy taxation on the Guyanese Nation, residents must vote them out of office” Jagdeo urged.

Addressing the plights of the rice farmers, the former president expressed his sympathy towards them revealing that his Party is currently negotiating  with banks to lend assistance to them.

“We will be meeting with the banks to negotiate a way forward to assist you…the 12% of the sugar workers and the 15% rice farmers who voted for the APNU/AFC  at the last General Election are coming back to the PPP/C and we welcome them all” Jagdeo declared.


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