“Enough is enough, we can’t have people raping children” – Ann Greene

Director of the Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA), Ann Greene
Director of the Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA), Ann Greene

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Director of the Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA) Ann Greene has responded with disgust to allegations by a 12 – year – old Lethem girl that she was raped and impregnated by her stepfather.

Green says her Agency has no option but to believe the story of the child until evidence is provided to prove otherwise. She said the expecting girl, who is currently a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital, recalled traveling to the city to visit her mother where she was allegedly raped by her stepfather while her mother was out.

Greene has particularly denounced the notion that man is vindicated since he claims to be HIV+ and the child has tested negative.

“Enough is enough in this country, we cannot have people raping and having sex with children and walk with impunity, it is wrong… it is against the law and we will get to the bottom of this story because the things she is saying are making sense,” Greene said during a telephone interview.

iNews was informed that the mother allegedly tried to cover for the stepfather by claiming that the child is pregnant for a young man from Lethem, Region 9. The mother reportedly told officials of the Child Care and Protection Agency that after the child began to show signs that she was pregnant; the matter was reported to the police.

However, yesterday police sources could not find any evidence that the woman reported the matter.

“This thing is becoming disgusting; we have to listen to the child, that is our job, we cannot ignore her… someone has to take responsibility for what has happened,” Greene added.

Greene said that if the window period has passed and it is found that the child is HIV+“it would be double jeopardy for her and that is a very sad situation to think about.”

Greene reminded that there is an incubation period to determine if someone has contracted HIV and if the girl is not positive at this stage that does not mean that she did not contracted the virus hence the man should not be allowed to walk free based on his claims.

Yesterday, Crime Chief Leslie James confirmed that the stepfather is in police custody. The Crime Chief also said that based on his last update of the matter, the child who had initially indicated that she was impregnated by her stepfather began to recant her claims.




  1. andrewfool it ent gat nothing to to with pnc either..its has everything to do with a buggerer..u r a staunch defender of a bugger. maybe u r one of them since u cant be a victim of buggery..one on one u want with me sounds like a fight..sounds like u ready to kill since u cant stand truth.

  2. I don’t know how old you are Ms. Green, but this type of perversion has been going on in Guyana for decades. Does it make it right? absolutely not. But as history have proven, in countries like Guyana and some, if not all West Indian Islands, this type of behaviour has been tolerated for so long, it probably will take threats of long-term imprisonment to put an end to it. It’s nice to finally see it getting public attention.

  3. andrew dummie..read the news again today if u know to read that is…they gag is still in order on the victim..why your god sue for 50m? say now…i bet u cant say why u big dumbell..stop blogging

  4. Gray if you were any place that we could have a one on one i am sure with the crap that you say and write, it would be better for me to see how stupid you are. Only a fool say things like what just came out from your empty head, the crime or allegations has nothing to do with the ppp,any or any party its clear how bright you are

  5. dumbo u not reading or dont know to read…its news i reading..it hurt u because its one of ur political gods in the buggery thing..if it was a ppp member and i say same u would bow to me and call me god you big dummie..it hurts bad eh when its your own..deald with it..


  7. With the name Green, I expect that you do not wear the same stereotype. Young Welshman also allege that he was raped and also his father has full knowledge. Ironic this allegedly happened around the same age as this pregnant 12-year old!
    If this man is indeed HIV positive, he should also be charged with attempted murder.

  8. It is time for this wickedness to com to an end investigate I would say first then put this animal in prison for a long time. The reason I say investigate is due I have worked on cases where the child would deliberately blame the Step-father ore who else all because they do not get along but once proven put this person in prison

  9. another man came forward stating that he was buggered by a prominent politician but no one cares to believe him.
    Green and her Agency should have no option but to believe the story of this young man until evidence is provided to prove otherwise too.
    They all will make a big stink about this 12 year old child being raped by she stepfather. There are political miles in this for some folks but none in the case of the buggered child when he too was 12.
    This child stepfather is not a prominent high up powerhouse citizen so its expected for him to be crucified but not that prominent high class powerhouse politician for allegedly buggering a child when that child was 12 too.


  10. I agree with Ms Greene, it must stop. Charge him for rape, for having sex with a minor and make sure he is charged for attempted murder. He knew he was HIV positive when he raped her. This must be done to stop others.


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