Enmore man hangs self …relatives claim he had domestic problems


By Kristen Macklingam

The body of 48-year-old Mohanlall Udairaj was found hanging inside of his bedroom early this morning by his sister-in-law and nephew who had visited the home following concerns raised by the dead man’s neighbours.

Tuladai Raj told INews that she and her son made the shocking discovery around 07:30h today at the man’s lot 143 Hope West Enmore, East Coast Demerara (ECD) residence.

Mohanlall Udairaj
Mohanlall Udairaj

She explained that her husband, the brother of the deceased, had arrived at Udairaj’s home earlier this morning to collect some documents, but after continuously calling out for Udairaj and receiving no answer, he returned home.

Subsequently, the now dead man’s neighbours telephoned Raj to voice concerns that they had not seen her brother-in-law for over three days and implored that the family “check up” on him.

“The neighbours said the downstairs of the house was open but the upstairs lock up and his bicycle in the same position for days, meaning, he didn’t use it and that is what he uses anytime he leaves the house. So I come with my son, up the stairs and push the front door which was open and I see his body hanging in his bedroom. His bedroom door was open, so you can see in from the front door and when I see I rush out,” Raj stated.

According to the distraught woman, Udairaj’s neighbours were already alert and in the yard waiting for her to give them feedback.

According to reports, the man’s wife of 16 years allegedly ended the relationship with him some four months ago, taking away his two daughters and her daughter whom he had also raised.

“They suspect something was wrong, from the slight smell in the house, the actions of the two puppies he took care of running up and down the steps not coming out. He premeditate this you know, his wife left him months now and for the past three weeks he told my son that it don’t make sense living and living alone and so. We talk to him over and over and over but we didn’t expect him to do something like this,” she related.



  1. Very SAD, people have to believe in GOD and realize life is filled with all sorts of things,some good and sometimes plenty bad, we all have to be stronger in our faith and prayers heal anything


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