Employers need to guard against hiring ‘criminal-minded’ persons – Crime Chief (ag)


Employers need to take extra precautionary measures to ensure they do not hire ‘criminal-minded’ individuals, Crime Chief (ag) Michael Kingston says.

During a recent press conference, Kingston revealed that crime analysis has revealed that many attacks committed on business entities involve an “inside person”.

“Persons from the inside that is giving information out and this kind of thing is happening. Our investigations have proven that so far,” he stated.

As such, he urged businesses to conduct proper screening during recruitment processes.

In the same breath, however, the Crime Chief (ag) noted that police clearances from the Guyana Police Force (GPF) do not guarantee that an individual’s record is clean.

“Not because a person would have produced a police clearance means he is that safe,” the Crime Chief (ag) said.

“A person could be charged, but then if the person was not convicted, then we cannot put on that certificate of character that the person was charged. We could only put that they were convicted.

“And, therefore within the business community, a more serious approach needs to be taken when they are going to be employing persons,” Kingston stated.