Embattled Pastor McGarrel resigns as ‘Gay’ debate gains momentum   


By Kurt Campbell

[www.inewsguyana.com] Embattled Pastor, Ronald McGarrell has heeded calls for his resignation from the Board of the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association (GRPA).

Ronald McGarrell
Ronald McGarrell

McGarrell, who tendered his resignation yesterday [Thursday, June 12] during a special meeting at the GRPA, has reportedly taken responsibility for his anti – gay comments that did not find favor with the minority community.

McGarrell had expressed the view on local radio programme ‘Hard Talk’ on 90.1 FM that homosexuals and other persons with alternative sexual orientation should reside on an island by themselves.

Immediately the GRPA distanced itself from such utterances.

Speaking to iNews today, President of the Board Pamela Nauth said several members, who have invested considerable resources in the Association, remain uncomfortable and disappointed at the statement.

She said, “as a board Member it is unexpected, unethical and unprofessional… it goes against everything we stand for.”

Nauth added, “He did the honorable thing and he was very apologetic, I think he took responsibility for what he said and he is no longer affiliated with us.”

Previously, Nauth had described his comments as “most disgusting” as she expressed her disappointment in him.

Nauth, who has been President of the Board for the last six year, made it clear that McGarrell’s views do not reflect those of the GRPA. She said the Body has always supported diverse sexuality.

The Pastor had expressed fear that the perversions of homosexuality would invoke a severe wrath of God/Creator.

But his contention was immediately rejected as outrageous and ridiculous by Co – Chair and Founder of the local gay rights movement – SASOD – Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Joel Simpson.

Meanwhile, the Inter – Religious Organization of Guyana, of which McGarrell is a member, has also distanced itself from his statement.

Swami Aksharananda has categorically stated that the IRO has not developed a position on the question of persons with alternative lifestyles.

Aksharananda said one must also bear in mind that if the statement attributed to Pastor McGarrell was indeed what he said, then he would be obviously speaking from the narrow perspective of his faith community.

Efforts to reach Pastor McGarrell, who later clarified that his statement was a “light hearted joked”, proved futile. 



  1. this is obvious that Deodat Sukhu is misinformed totally on decency and morals and need to be place on the same island with them .

  2. We should now create an Island for the Pastor. He Should be more informed of today’s society and not of the past


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