Emancipation Greetings from Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali


Emancipation greetings from Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali:

It is with great optimism and a hopeful future I bring emancipation greetings to every Guyanese, particularly our African brothers and sisters.

Emancipation came with great sacrifices, selflessness, struggle and commitment. The hardship our Ancestors endured for a better life, not only brought freedom but laid the foundation for nation-building. The sacrifices they made for freedom, dignity and respect must be honored by all of us through leading lives that demonstrate these values.

As we look to the future we must embrace each other in the spirit of emancipation which promotes a better, unified, free society in which all culture, beliefs and views can thrive regardless of ethnicity, social status, economic fortunes or political persuasion. We must honor the struggle of our Ancestors by committing ourselves to justice, fairness and respect and an abiding intolerance for oppression wherever it exists.

Happy Emancipation to all Guyanese particularly our African brothers and sisters.