Electronic payments via MMG now accepted at SOL fuel stations countrywide

The modern Shell Service Station at McDoom, Greater Georgetown

As the country advances in the technological world, SOL fuel stations across the country have invested in the infrastructure that is necessary to facilitate cashless transactions.
Persons fuelling up their vehicles can now make payments electronically through the GTT’s MMG app.

SOL Guyana Inc has partnered with the telephone company to utilise its service, so that customers can have the option of making electronic payments.

During the launching ceremony on Wednesday, Minister withing the Public Works Ministry, Deodat Indar, said this initiative brings in not only a sense of convenience, but would optimise business operations. He said now that Guyana is developing at a fast pace, it is imperative that companies incorporate cashless systems.

“Guyana’s development will bring different people from all over the world into our country, and they are accustomed to a different level of service. And if they come here and those services are delivered, including the one we are launching here today, they are accustomed to that where they came from. If they come and this basic stuff we don’t have, it will be like a shock to them…,” he said.

The Minister also expressed hope that other organisations would join the bandwagon and offer this option to customers.

“The river transportation also needs this kind of system too. The booking system as well with Transport, to move people into Region One… we need that, where we can book online to get back, or even pay online to get back”.

Meanwhile, General Manager of SOL Guyana Inc, Earl Carribon, has said the company decided to offer the cashless option in light of the pandemic. He said cashless payments would reduce physical contact with SOL’s staff and customers, guaranteeing the safety of everyone’s health.

“We at SOL Guyana Inc are indeed happy and proud to be the first to accept MMG payments, and to join with the MMG payments in this effort…we share an interest in optimising customer convenience and safety”, he said.

Only a month ago, the Demerara Harbour Bridge launched its new automated toll system. This was also done in collaboration with GTT through its MMG. With the new system, motorists can now make toll payments via MMG.

There are simple steps involved: set up an account with DHBC and load money to the account from MMG. The Harbour Bridge toll would be paid automatically when a person drives through the toll station.

It was explained that the magnetic RFID tag would be placed on the vehicle, and when that vehicle approaches the toll station on the eastern end of the bridge, the system’s sensors would identify the commuter’s vehicle using the tag, and the toll would be deducted automatically.

With the system, tags would be created based on the vehicle type.