Electrician bludgeoned to death by brother-in-law in Golden Grove

The home where the gruesome murder occurred

Police are investigating the gruesome murder of Justin Peterkin, 39, an electrician of Paradise Village, East Bank Demerara (EBD) which occurred about 08:30h on Monday at his father-in-law’s home located at 1323 Section ‘C’ Block ‘Y’ Golden Grove, EBD.

Peterkin’s was reportedly bludgeoned to death by his 25-year-old brother-in-law who reportedly beheaded him afterwords.

The suspect identified as Anthony King is currently in police custody.

According to the Police, their investigations revealed that the deceased and suspect visited the Golden Grove property and soon after the occupants (owner and daughter) left for work, a neighbour saw Peterkin’s being chopped by his in-law, in the yard.

The neighbour, Daniel Boutrim related that he was in his yard when he saw King retreating from the house with a hammer in his hand and appeared “nervous”.

A few moments later, he heard a sound and upon checking, King was already in the process of killing his sister’s husband.

“I hear a knocking and when I peep over now, I see he chopping away on the man head with a kitchen chopper and lashing the knife with the hammer,” Boutrim related.

An alarm was raised and the suspect who resides at Princes Street, Wortmanville left the scene but was promptly arrested by the police who were summoned.

The body which bore multiple wounds to the neck, head and shoulder, is a the Lyken’s Funeral Home awaiting an autopsy.

Investigations are in progress.


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