Elections can be held by late October – Jagdeo

People's Progressive Party’s General Secretary Bharrat Jagdeo

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) believes a date in late October is more reasonable for the hosting of early General and Regional Elections.

This timeline was worked out by the PPP-nominated GECOM Commissioners.

And, according to Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo, this is a more realistic date.

“We know the government is unconstitutional and it would be impossible now, given that a decision has not been made, to hold elections by September 18 (when elections are constitutionally due),” Jagdeo told reporters during his weekly press conference.

However, the PPP Commissioners did not get to submit this proposal to GECOM at its recent meeting.

Jagdeo explained that elections can be held by the end of October if GECOM begins preparing for the polls immediately.

According to the Opposition Leader, he does not trust the December date being touted by members of the Government.

“It’s probably to give people a sense of comfort, I don’t trust them, even the December date is suspect for me. We believe elections can be held long before December,” he stated.

On this note, Jagdeo called on GECOM to urgently come up with a way forward.

Elections ought to have been held since March 21, 2019 – three months after the government was defeated by a no-confidence motion.

Even after a lengthy court battle, which, in the end, validated the passage of the no-confidence motion, no immediate steps have been taken to prepare for the polls.

With Justice Claudette Singh as the new GECOM Chairperson, the entity is in the process of making a decision on how to proceed.