Elderly re-migrant couple tied up, beaten & robbed in East Canje

Ravina Seeberchan. [iNews' Photo]

The house where the robbery occurred. [iNews' Photo[
The house where the robbery occurred. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com]An elderly re-migrant couple from East Canje, Berbice suffered a devastating act of robbery on Sunday night (October 25) when a gang of five men intruded their home and demanded their valuables.

iNews understands that at around 21:00 hrs, five men broke into the lot 257 No. 2 Village home of 62 – year – old Patrick Mangar and 66 – year – old Ravina Seeberchan and carted off with a television set, cash and other items.

The incident has also left Mangar a patient at the New Amsterdam Hospital, after he suffered a laceration to his head; his wife was also treated at the hospital for similar injuries and sent away.

iNews understands that the couple was sitting downstairs when the masked men crouched into the yard and carried out the attack. According to reports, the bandits took the couple to the back of the house and demanded cash and jewellery. At the time, Seeberchan was wearing several pieces of jewellery and she gave it to the bandits.

The men then took her upstairs and demanded that she cooperate with them as they threatened kill her. Fearful for her life, the woman handed over an undisclosed amount of jewellery and $35,000 cash. She told iNews that the bandits tied her up and ransacked the house as they searched for items of value.

Ravina Seeberchan. [iNews' Photo]
Ravina Seeberchan. [iNews’ Photo]
Meanwhile, the men hit Mangar in his head and he became unconscious but before that, they reportedly tore off his vest and tied him up. He was later rescued and taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital. The couple had recently migrated from neighbouring Suriname

The couple could not say what kind of weapons the bandits used. No arrest has been made as yet but Police are continuing investigations.



  1. Robbery is encouraged by the new office holder who said “they don’t belong in jail”That’s the contribution these people are making to our community.soon as the sun begins to fade we are constantly fearful of what may happen next,like a kid who is afraid of the dark.

  2. MOORON life is about CHOICE,you can back trac to Anyone of you indo home lands,you are not Guyanese you are indian, for 23 yrs you dick- heads destroyed and looted everything you touch,,LAND,COCAINE,JAIL,all the MONEY U took from the lick and promise projects,you even had the BIG PLAN to stay in power for another 5yrs,,SORRY CRY-A-BABY we pull the plug, enough is enough JAIL time now,,you hate to think you own united with the nation you hate,,,

  3. Don’t think going to Guyana …its had all fallen apart since apnc were install. .once your are happy stay where you are ..rumjat and the dictators just interested in money and what the PPP has. ..noting else …Guyanese under pressure …the apnc has fail in blurnamm time and the came again with worst grades ..and more attitude ..the people is crying inside and has no where to turn ..the dictators are took much

  4. Too much of robbery with extreme violence. Still thinking if it’s worth returning HOME after 35 years abroad to enjoy my retirement in the sun to be subjected to such violence. Already purchased my plot of land and was supposed to start building since last June. Not sure that I have made the right decision to buy a plot of land. It’s getting worse day after day. Crime is out of controll. Ramjattan has failed in his efforts to stem crime and criminality. He should go.

  5. This criminal element is a major blithe of the Guyana society and a major turn off for the diaspora, visitors, and investors. All manner of crimes seem to occupy the Guyana’s daily news.


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